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Wolf News Around the World, October/November 2010 - by Chris Kirby



A Juneau man accused of multiple hunting violations in the area, including the illegal shooting of a black-colored wolf many residents believe was the one called, "Romeo" pleaded guilty as a crowded courtroom looked on.  Observers in court, where a black wolf pelt was displayed, told the Juneau Empire they were certain it was from Romeo.  "No mistake.  You can tell by this scar here."  Sentencing and proposed tribute known as the Romeo Seat

Details of the crash that killed Gordon Haber, "one of the greatest friends to wolves," have been released.  The wrecked plane's locator beacon used an out-of-date, analog frequency, something the National Transportation Safety Board hopes to prevent in the future.  It remains unclear if the noted wolf biologist/researcher and advocate for wolves died as a result of the crash impact or the flames after a downdraft struck his plane just before it went down according to the NTSB Report.


Some in the state say along with a lot of wildlife hanging out in the woods, it also includes two animals that officials say aren't here... the cougar and the wolf.  In the last 15 years, there have been a couple of documented cases of wolves in the state.  They were here in the past, but could there be a larger population than we think?  The experts disagree whether or not a breeding population is already established.  They do agree very few places have moose densities like Maine without a large canid predator, so biologically certainly the state can support wolves.  The question is whether humans want wolves in their environment.  Hey, Maine, what's in the woods


According to a Conservation Director, he found himself treed by a small pack of wolves.  Brian Roell, a wildlife biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said he wished DNRE offices were contacted following the encounter, allowing personnel to investigate the matter further.  Roell said it is common behavior for wolves or any other wild animal to shy away from human contact, generally running away when encountering humans.  Once Upon a Time... 


A gray wolf weighing an estimated 80 pounds was caught by a coyote trapper outside of Rochester.  Conservation officers received the call in time to release the wolf alive but with an injured paw.  Dan Stark, wolf expert for the DNR, said it was likely that gray wolves in southeast Minnesota originate in Wisconsin rather than northern Minnesota because there are wolf packs established just 75 miles east of Rochester.  Gray wolves would be able to cross the Mississippi River during winter.  Photo:  Disperser or Breeder?


An animal mistaken for a coyote and killed appears to be a wolf.  The wolf, a male, weighed 104 pounds and appeared to be 3 years old.  Resource scientists have collected tissue and hair for DNA analysis and they're contacting wildlife biologists from nearby states that have wolves.  Initial clues


Two wild gray wolves were found dead in separate locations in northwest Montana.  Both animals appeared to have died as a result of gunshot wounds.  The agency is investigating the wolves' deaths.  Information and reward regarding this case 

A new twist to the debate over wolves.  Now wildlife agents want to shoot wolves under the 10(j) rule of the ESA in areas where elk herds are claimed to be shrinking.  The agency wants to reduce wolf numbers by half.  5-year permit requested to kill 12 gray wolves near Darby, MT 

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks report that an elk hunter reported seeing a pack of wolves at a site where he had killed a bull elk the day before.  The hunter and a companion returned with horses the next day to retrieve the meat and they encountered a pack of wolves after having lunch at the site.  They felt threatened and say they shot at the wolves and then left.  The warden documented that one wolf was killed, and multiple tracks at the site confirmed that a pack of wolves had been present.  The elk had been fed on by wolves and a grizzly bear.  A USFWS enforcement agent will follow up on the incident since wolves are federally classified.    A claim of self-defense

There are some who believe restoring bison to Montana's landscape is not only the right thing to do, but will also go a long way toward resolving conflicts between wolves and livestock and elk since bison and wolves co-evolved, and bison were one of the wolves primary protein sources.  Beautifully documented...both historical documentary and wildlife film can be seen in WWP's October 25th presentation of  Facing the Storm and The Wolf That Changed America

New Mexico

The female wolf of the Morgart Pack was found dead earlier in October.  The cause of death is unknown pending completion of a necropsy.  Her mate was missing at the time of this fatal discovery but has been located alive according to telemetry flight reports.  Killing separates wolf pair

North Carolina

For the second time in six months, the USFWS is investigating the killing of a red wolf.  Officials haven't said how the animals died but they believe humans deliberately killed them and are asking for the public's help in their investigation.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Sandra Allred (919) 856-4786 or Jay Eddy at (252) 216-8724.  Third Red Wolf Found Dead, reward doubled

Northern Rocky Mountains Region

Author and carnivore biologist, Bob Wayne, believes his recent study has been misinterpreted by those saying the research proved the gene pool to be strong, when in fact, it doesn't make that statement.  Wayne takes issue with those claiming 100 animals per state means "full recovery" since that doesn't take into account the genetic diversity needed to keep the species healthy.  Wolf Genetics Study Shows Diversity is Lacking

"Hunting and Predators--does it work?"  Instances, examples and studies including illustration of an imaginary hunted pack support the author's article regarding the social chaos created by hunting.  A growing body of evidence suggests that indiscriminate predator control, whether due to sport hunting or by predator control agencies has the opposite effect and actually increases conflicts between humans and predators.  Does it make sense


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf coordinator Russ Morgan confirmed a wolf carrying a radio collar from the Wenaha pack had been killed.  The wolf has been identified as the same 2-year-old male that was captured and fitted with a radio tracking collar in August.  His pack consists of four adults and at least two pups.  Conservation director Steve Pedry said the Wenaha pack has not been tied to any livestock attacks.  "This was a silver wolf wearing a big honking radio collar that is hard to miss.  Somebody was out to shoot a wolf.  It is very important that the agencies get on top of this so it is a deterrent to other yahoos who want to follow suit."  Protected wolf killed in NE Oregon

Southwest Region

The USFWS is delaying the release of 8 wolves into the wilderness until sometime next year.  The federal agency and the Arizona Game and Fish Department had planned to release the 8 wolves around the end of October but the reintroduction program has suffered some setbacks, with wolves showing up dead.  Announcement

Up to $58,000 is being offered in reward money for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the deaths of endangered Mexican Gray Wolves.  Details and contact information

Can taste aversion therapy condition Lobos to dislike the taste of sheep?  Caution:  may cause nausea


Two female wolves that are part of the Mexican Gray Wolf breeding program have been transported to Wolf Haven International.  One of these wolves will be bred with a male currently residing at Wolf Haven.  The hopes are for a 2011 litter.  Wolf Haven has been successfully breeding the Mexican Gray Wolf for the last 16 years.    Read all about it


According to DNR wildlife biologist Ron Eckstein, some of the clearest footage we've seen of such a large wolf pack in the state was taken October 11 in Oneida County.  The 13 wolves are said to be from the Pelican Lake Pack and thought to consist of 4 adults and 9 pups.  10:19 minute video

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources biologist Adrian Wydeven confirmed that the USFWS killed 6 wolves and is pursuing "one or two more."  Wolf pack near Tomah being exterminated


A wolf in lower Austria, at least in the last month, is confirmed for the first time through a DNA test by the Wolf Officer.  According to the officer, the wolf is of the Italian wolf population.  It is not clear yet whether this is a male or female.  Analysis should be completed soon.  How long the animal has been in the area or still remains in the area is unknown.  One sensation for Wolf Fans


Finland's wolf population has collapsed.  In some areas wolves have disappeared completely.  The total number of wolves has fallen by more than a 100 compared with peak years, and the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute's (RKTL) fresh report with regard to the number of wolf packs and couples occupying the country does not show any signs of recovery.  The situation for the wolf


Wolves and deer, as seen recently off Carrascal, have already reached the town of Zamora.  The capital municipality is one of the largest in the province, ranging from Coreses to Recobayo reservoir with 15,000 hectares as said by Mariano Rodriguez Alonso and Pablo Santos Redin, technical and natural spaces protected species of Castile and Leon.  The Conference on "Natural Places of Zamora" cycle "Talking Green" organized by the Department of the Environment


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Agriculture and National Veterinary Institute, wolf puppies from Nordic zoos may be the first additions to genetically enhance the highly inbred Swedish wolf population.  The idea is to put them among puppies in existing dens.  By the year 2014, plans are to add new blood by bringing 20 wolves into Sweden.  However, the question is how and where


A whole century later, wolves have returned to the Swiss Alps, their numbers are on the rise, and the emergence of packs is foreseeable.  15-20 individual wolves are believed to have resettled.  "A great event in environment conservation"  has sparked fierce debates in the mountain republic.  Wolf Back at Swiss Door

United Kingdom

Talks and practical demonstrations of livestock protection methods to invited guests, journalists and member of the public were given at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust with Wolves and Humans director Richard Morley and Slovak Wildlife Society biologist Robin Rigg.  The White Dog Fund launched

United States

Four anti-wolf bills have been proposed by Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate to remove wolves from the list of endangered species list in Montana and Idaho, portions of surrounding states, or the entire country.  WHAP is keeping track of these bills.  None of them have gone beyond their first step of the legislative process.  Meaning after being introduced, they have been assigned to a congressional committee, which will investigate them before possibly sending them on to the House or Senate for general debate.  The majority of bills (and resolutions) never make it past this point.  You may still voice your opposition in writing by following included instructions if you choose or stay tuned and updated with Wolf Howl Animal Preserve:  Don't Let Congress Kill Wolves

Western North America

"What wolves do, and why" is an article emphasizing the importance of things that go into wildlife conservation.  The point being to "develop a practical 'working model' to reduce large carnivore-livestock conflicts across foothill and mountain landscapes in Western North America."  The author begins with the statement; "Wolves are opportunists."    With that I can agree! says Nakoowolf

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