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Lord of the Ice a “cool” Wolf Video and Story by Maria Ferguson


nita062910-5.jpgMost of our hot summer days consist of keeping the Wolves calm, cool and collected.    They absolutely hate bugs so scat is picked up twice a day and stashes are sought out and emptied on a regular basis.  Dinner is not served until the flys are retired for the evening.  It makes for a long day.  One of the ways we keep them cool is to bring out buckets of ice in various sizes.  They absolutely love ice.  I put together a video of their last ice
encounter.  You will see that Niko Akni decided to preside over this summer cooler.  You will also see that all Wolves who were interested did manage to get some ice one way or another.  Occasionally, I will intervene.  I could only do this with certain Wolves and Niko is luckily one of them.  I am still very careful and wait until he moves aside before I reach for whatever it is he is claiming from the other Wolves.  In this video example, you will see that I handed Chito and Nita a chunk of ice.  In the end, Nita kept hers but Woha managed to sneak in and steal her Sister Chito’s.  Woha is the more dominant and a higher ranking pack member.  You will also notice that when he tries to chase the Omega, Nita away from the ice, she retaliates and gets what she wants.  Poor Niko sometimes reminds me of the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect.  He does continue to try, though.  I called this Wolf video, Lord of the Ice.  Our boy Niko is sure trying to buck up his way in the pack.  Sometimes his Sisters just laugh at him, in a Wolfie way of course.

Here are some more pictures of Nita using her wily Omega ways on Niko Akni.  She is so smart.  She usually gets exactly what she wants.  




The Wolves have a new friend, our new employee, Kristi.  They really seem to like her as long as she doesn’t cross the fence line into their territory that is.    They greet her with chirps and an occasional howl.  She is learning to recognize them and put a name with a face.  The Huskies like her too and she has taken over the task of grooming them and Silly Willy.  We will start her on Tah-lee and Sarah soon.

We have a pack of coyotes with young pups living in the woods to the southeast of us.  We sit out at night and listen to them howl.  Chito and Nita just love to hear them and are quick to respond.  Before you know it everyone is in a full chorus howl.   I’m hoping that one day we will get a glimpse of these youngsters and I’m sure the Wolves are too.

Enjoy some pictures of our Wolves in Summer …………




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