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The Wolves of WHAP in the Spring of 2010


The weather here in the hills region of Mississippi went from unseasonably cool to unseasonably hot in a short matter of time.  The Wolves are trying to cope the best they can by digging new dens, taking refuge in their cement and stone den, and napping in the shade during the warmest part of the day.  We help them by providing cool treats, like ice and ice cream.  We also put out their tubs for soaking.  We have two outdoor fans blasting cool air their way as well. 

I put together a three part Wolf video that will show you some of the ways the Wolves keep their cool.  Watch WHAP Spring Enrichment I, in this Wolf Video, I had the not so good idea of giving them water filled balloons.  See why that didn’t work out too well.  Part I also shows the Wolves enjoying one of their favorite new treats plus the new den they dug.  Part II shows some members of the pack “wolfing around” with a wild tail they managed to procure and some Wolfie greetings.  Part III shows the pack enjoying an ice cream treat and some quick dips in their tub.

We actually had our first non-feed day of the year last week.  It was hot and they had just lost their Siberian Husky friend, Nakoo.  I think the combination of the two events made them lose their appetites for a day or two.  The are back to normal now but I suspect that the warmer temperatures will soon bring more non-feed days.  On a non-feed day they still receive meat treats, plenty of fresh water and often ice to eat and play with.

I’ve added new photos to all of the Wolves galleries and a new gallery for Spring with pictures of various members of the pack.  I hope you will enjoy looking at them.  Remember to click on the thumbnails for a larger photo.  Here are the links to the various Wolf picture galleries:

Wolf pictures, Spring/Summer 2010

Wa-ta-chee   Ohoyo      Niko Akni   Waya      Woha   Chito    Nita  

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