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A Tribute to Charlotte “Lynne” Kaiser aka MuskyHusky – by Maria Ferguson

Me-1.jpg meat53.jpg

June 2, 1951 ~ May 3, 2010

Though the other forum members and I have not actually met Lynne in the flesh, we all felt we knew her very well.  She was one of our first Wolf Howl Animal Preserve (WHAP) forum members. She made her forum debut on Thursday, July 29, 2004 1:18:30 PM and remained loyal and true until illness forced her to be hospitalized. Her last post on our forum was April 16, 2010.  She became one of our forum administrators on January 24, 2007.  My Husband Don and I were talking about Lynne yesterday and he reminded me that we owe a lot of our virtual success with the website to her and the other founding members of our forum, Chris Kirby and Sharona Symonds.  If it weren’t for these wonderful ladies and their passion for Wolves and all animals, our website would never have taken off the way it has.  So Lynne has contributed in just that way to Wolf awareness.  

Lynne9.jpgLynne’s display name on our forum was MuskyHusky and we affectionately called her MH for short.  She chose that name because of one of the loves of her life, Shadow, a redhead Siberian Husky who she adored.  I guess Shadow didn’t always smell as good as she should but MH didn’t care, she loved her fiercely and unconditionally.  Shadow is getting up there in years and we were all concerned how Lynne would take it if something should happen to her.  Now we have to worry about Shadow and how she will be without her Mommy.   The two were inseparable. 

Ohoyoborderjpg.jpgWe dubbed Lynne our “Graphic Goddess” as she was always coming up with cool graphics for our website and others that she was involved with.  She is the one who created our Adopt a Wolf gif on our main gift shop page and countless other graphics that we have used to decorate the website and use in our Newsletter Articles, e.g. the Wolf pumpkins, Wolf Santa’s and Wolf Bunnies.  She was extremely generous with her talent and time.


MuskyHusky was famous for her one liners and jokes posted on the WHAP forum that would sometimes bring us all to tears, we’d be laughing so hard.  For example, I remember when she told a British Fox Hunter, blubbering like a baby at the thought of not hunting again,  “Oh for pity sakes, get a life, take up knitting”.   She had a great sense of humour!  She was not shy about expressing her feelings for things she was passionate about and if we censored her, she’d use one of her darling emoticons to let us know just how she felt about that. hanghead.gif

Lynne was always crossposting about dogs in need of rescue from all of the websites she frequented.  That is how we found Willy and why he has a forever home at the Preserve.  She was not fond of breeders and in particular puppy mills.  Her philosophy was “Save a life - rescue - Don’t' breed.... "

One of the things that we all knew about Lynne was that she loved her family.  Her and her husband Dave have 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  She treasured them all.  One of her Grandchildren, Orion, was the first forum baby we got to see grow up.  We were graced with pictures and stories about the rest of them too in posts MH made.  Our deepest condolences go out to them.  We know they will all miss her terribly.hug.gif

To read some of MuskyHusky’s posts in our forum, click here and put her display name, MuskyHusky in the search box on the top right of the page.  Warning, she has made 7,343 posts so make yourself a pot of coffee before you begin!

I would like to share this with you, it’s a letter that Lynne wrote to the Wolves this past October for Wolf Awareness Week, 2009.  We will truly miss MuskyHusky but her legacy will live on at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.

A letter to the wolves of america.jpg

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