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Wolf News Around the World, March 2010 - by Chris Kirby

north american gray wolf


Under its aerial wolf control program, Fish & Game killed an entire wolf pack of four wolves from the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.  Two of the wolves were collared by the National Park Service as part of a 16-year-long scientific study.  Officials admit to "mistakenly" shooting the collared wolves.  According to the Department investigation is underway to find out how this happened.  More

The Board of Game narrowly voted Friday to eliminate the wolf protection buffer zone around Denali National Park.  Environmentalists are speaking out against the move, but board members defend the decision.  See & hear wolf footage

A wildlife photographer hobbyist drove away from the Mendenhall Glacier came upon a chance encounter with animal she thought was likely a wolf.  See the photo 

A special education teacher who was said to be jogging was found dead just outside Chignik Lake.  The Alaska State Medical Examiner listed "multiple injuries due to animal mauling" as the cause of death.  The autopsy could not say which animals.  However, media reports from the area are speculating wolves are responsible.  Two wolves seen in the area were sought out, shot and killed to obtain DNA.  Efforts to search for any more wolves failed and have been called off.  It was concluded that there is a low likelihood of finding additional wolves in the near future.  Updates


The Flagstaff-based Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project wants to allow the beleaguered Mexican gray wolf to migrate northward and establish packs on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Details


Wolf hunting season comes to a CLOSE March 31 or until the 220 quota set by the state is filled.  Since the hunt began on September 1, 184 wolves have been killed, 36 remain targeted.  Biologists confirmed the deaths of 275 wolves during 2009 caused by hunters, U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services control actions, natural causes and unknown reasons. 


An image captured by a trail-cam in the Oregon, Illinois area could be a wolf.  The regional wildlife biologist agrees it looks like a wolf.  If it is, it would be the most southern trail-cam photo of a wolf in the Midwest and may be the first good photo of a wolf taken in modern Illinois.  It comes about the same time as a reliable report and photos of an apparent wolf, a 140-pound canine, shot near Walnut, Illinois.  Tissue samples were taken for positive DNA testing.  Photos  


Wildlife officials have confirmed the presence of two gray wolves in Michigan's Lower Peninsula after biologists verified tracks discovered by a landowner in Cheboygan County.  Scientists with the Michigan DNR say this is the strongest evidence yet that a wolf pack may be roaming the northern Lower Peninsula.

A resolution to delist the gray wolf in the Upper Peninsula from the federal endangered species list passed the state House.  The measure is a prompt for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to again begin their efforts to remove the gray wolf from the endangered list.  News Release


Minnesota has petitioned the federal government to take the gray wolf off the endangered and threatened species list in the state and return the animal to state management.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources filed the petition with the Department of the Interior on March 17 and asked the federal agency to decide within 90 days.  Documents

After more than 25 miles on the run, a released wolf was eventually captured and returned to the Wildlife Science Center.  The 4-year-old wolf returned tired and malnourished and too weak to defend her position as the pack leader.  Her sister wolves staged a bloody coup.  Unable to adjust, the female was separated from her littermates.  The isolation pen is not adequate so a new home is preparing her arrival.  Although the executive director of the center is happy the wolf was successfully returned, she says her story is far from a happy ending.  Find out why and where

New York

We say farewell to Apache, longtime Alpha "ambassador" wolf.  Apache worked for years to help educate adults and children about the plight of the wolf.  Rest in Peace.  Video


Due to inclement weather, bad timing and lack of snow, Doug Smith is extending the work window this year for darting and collaring wolves.  Smith hopes to collar 2 or 3 more wolves of the Gibbon Meadows pack, the largest in the park this year with 17 animals.  The park's wolf population of only 56 is a steep decline from only 2 years ago when 171 wolves roamed the territory.  In early April, the wolves will den and by the second week of April most of the wolf pups will be born.  article

The once mighty Druid Peak pack may soon be just a memory.  After the alpha female was killed by another pack last fall, the alpha male dispersed leaving the pack leaderless.  Six females in the pack have died either from mange or killed by other packs.  It appears yearling black Druid 690F may be the sole survivor.  Mange-ridden like most of her packmembers and alone, her situation is grim.  However, the Druids are quite the wolf pack.  By 2001, the pack topped out at 37 members - one of the largest packs ever recorded in North America.  The original five members were pioneers of wolf reintroduction staking out territory in the Lamar Valley in April 1996.  Will the alpha male return?  Will the beautiful black yearling 690F welcome the alpha male, her father, back?  Will she beat the odds and survive the winter, find a mate, reach maturity and retrieve the Druid Peak Pack's existence?  Will we witness yet another first or the inheritance of them?  ...stay tuned on WHAP forum...

European wolves may be moving out from their territory in northern Germany and crossing the Danish border.  Danish Forest and Nature agency has examined tracks said to be up to 10cm (3.937 inches) but have not yet determined if they belong to a wolf or large dog.  According to the agency, if it is a wolf, it does NOT present a danger to humans or pets. 


An 8 day trip in the Ethiopian Mountains helping a conservation effort to bring the Ethiopian wolf back from the brink of extinction was rewarded with inspiration.  The Ethiopian wolf is one of the most endangered species in the world.  See one of the last 420 Ethiopian wolves

Saudi Arabia

A number of Saudi citizens, especially in the northern city of Hail, have called for an immediate halt to random killing of wolves in the country in order to protect this animal from extinction.  Story

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