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Spring at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson

female wolf picture

Aside from the birthday celebrations I mentioned in the previous article, we had our 5th Annual Easter Egg hunt for the Wolves.  They really enjoy this tradition.  I know they love finding the eggs as much as they do eating them.  Enjoy this Wolf Video of our Wolves hunting for Easter eggs in April of 2010.


All of the Wolves are in various stages of losing their undercoats.  Wa-ta-chee always seems to go first with Waya following in a close second.   Nature seems to know when it’s time for them to lose their thick winter coats.  It is called blowing their undercoat and unlike northern breed dogs who do this 2 or three times a year, the Wolves only do this once in the spring.  They all seem to enjoy when I help get it out of their coats by combing it with my fingertips and then pulling it out gently.  I feel helping them to remove it keeps them from getting mats.  It also helps them to be less itchy.

Ohoyo, our Alpha Female and Chito, a subordinate female had symptoms of false pregnancies.  Chito holed up in the den the day before her birthday and growled at anyone including me who dared to peek in at her.  I was initially concerned that she was ill but after hours of observation noticed that she did come out to drink and eat.  Ohoyo exhibited a similar behavior a few days later except she was actually excreting colostrum for a day.  I believe it went to that extent with her because she had actually whelped a litter. What was humorous about this situation was that she made poor Nita lay in the den on her paws.  She was cleaning Nita just like she would a newborn pup.  I firmly believe her desire for pups was so hormonally strong that she substituted Nita for one.  Nita loved the extra the attention the first day but on the second, was fleeing from Ohoyo.  Ohoyo would come out and get her if she left the den.  Thankfully, none of the symptoms lasted too long and the pack quickly got back into their pre breeding season routines.

The Wolf Howl Animal Preserve pack is back to being their playful selves.  In the evening we are able to watch them run around and wrestle with each other.  It’s a real sight to behold when Niko Akni and Chito stand up against each other, they are just both so large.  I’ve added some pictures to the following galleries (remember to click on the thumbnails for a larger image:

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