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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve’s Wolves Birthday Celebrations – by Maria Ferguson


With spring comes the birthdays of our Wolves.  We celebrate their birth dates with a party.  Two of our oldest Wolves, Wa-ta-chee and Ohoyo prefer a more subdued event while Waya likes to party with the youngsters.  We started celebrating with an ice cream and balloon party for Niko Akni, Woha, Chito and Nita who have just turned 3 years old.  It’s hard to believe they are that old already and in my eyes they will always be the “pups”.  They were born and hand raised at our facility.  For dinner that night, they were also treated to a favorite Asian Rib appetizer that I made in the slow cooker for them.  I video taped the celebration for you all to enjoy.  I always include some video before the party to show their absolute delight in anticipating the events of the day.  These parties are excellent enrichment for all of them.  Click this link to watch.

The older Wolves enjoyed their 5th birthday with a pizza and ice cream party, no balloons, as Wa-ta-chee hates them.  They prefer pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese and thin crust but the ice cream is always something that they finish first.  On this particular birthday we went through 36 ice cream cups!  I’ve put together a Wolf video of this event for you to watch as well.  You will see that some of the Wolves are really blowing their undercoats and look a bit ragged.  No need to be alarmed, this also is an annual spring event.  We offer their undercoats for sale in Wolf fur pendant necklaces.  The Wolf fur pendants are also included in our Deluxe Symbolic Adoption Kits.


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