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Wolf Howl Wolves updated February 2010 – by Maria Ferguson


The Wolves have enjoyed a nice cold winter.  I’m sure they would have liked a bit more snow but it wasn’t in the stars for northeast Mississippi.  They did enjoy the small amounts we did get, though.  I believe that Valentine’s Day marked the end of our Wolves breeding cycle.  It was a long one this year.  Our females were in the various stages of Estrus for a bit over 2 months.  Normally, they all run closer together and we get er done.  This year it seems like some of the Wolves had a slow start.  Anyway, it’s over and everyone made it out alive including me.  Yeah!  I’ll enjoy the relative peacefulness until next year.

I seemed to have the wrong camera with me at all times this month.  When they were active I had my still shot and when they were lazing around I had the video.  I did, however, manage to bring you both.  I made a video on Valentine’s Day, reminds me of a Wolf home video and I put together a Wolf slideshow of some playful pictures I took during the month.  The Wolves had a fantastic Valentine’s day and week with Wolfie gourmet gifts courtesy of Ken Kirby, Chris Kirby and Irene Zurek.  Ken asked me to get Beef Hearts which we served appropriately on Valentine’s Day.  He knows they are Waya’s favorite.  Irene wanted Wa-ta-chee, who she has dubbed the Forest King, to have Salmon and Chris gave me full rein to get them some other treats.  I got them Oxtails and beef ribs.  I bought them sausage for a morning treat on the 14th.


Wa-ta-chee surprised me earlier this month.  Up until then, I had been the only human allowed to touch him.  Well, my husband, Don came into the enclosure to help me level a rock platform that they had somehow dismantled.  While he had his back turned, Wa-ta-chee came up to him and gave his backside a sniff.  I was a bit alarmed, as I didn’t expect it.  I told Don he was behind him and when he turned, Watach startled away.  I didn’t think his action was threatening, it was puzzling, however.  When Don was finished he went and squatted down by the gate so all the Wolves could come and get some pets and scratches.  To our utter amazement, Wa-ta-chee pushed passed all of them and let Don scratch his lower back for a very long time.  I was flabbergasted and Don was grinning from ear to ear.  I feel that some of these new relaxed behaviors we are seeing from Watach come from the fact that his Son, Niko has taken some of the pressure off of him with his position as Beta Wolf in the pack.  Whatever the reason, I’m so happy for him.  It’s wonderful seeing him close to what he was before he became Alpha.

Ohoyo is busy, busy caching food for the pups the poor dear thinks everyone is having.  Chito has been eating up a storm.  I witnessed her eat 8 chicken quarters one right after the other and that was right after she ate about 1/2lb of liver.  The Wolves are getting mad at her and when they see me bringing in food, they discipline her.  She has been so emotional, too.  She cries every time she sees me.  She is still carrying around her Christmas Fox, which I believe she thinks of as a pup.  She gets very mad if someone tries to get it from her.  If you watched the slideshow, that is her and her fox pup.

Woha is naughty as ever.  Today she tried to steal a garbage bag from my scat bucket.  It was a different color and I’m sure she thought that meant something could be in it.  She is going crazy for her liver treats lately, like she can’t get enough of them.  She just barges through the line of Wolves and tries to grab them out of my hand.  We are back to the drawing board working on her manners.  I still adore her, she keeps me on my toes and she also keeps me company while I’m working.

Waya seems to be standing up to Niko Akni more than he did during the girl’s estrus cycle.  I guess his mind is clearer now! He hogged his special Valentine’s day treats and I finally had to intimidate him away so the rest of the pack would get some.  He’s been seeking belly rubs and back scratches from me that are long over due since Niko decided he couldn’t have them anymore.  It’s a little bit better but Niko will still occasionally come over and chase him away from me.

Nita is as precious as ever.  She is becoming ultra affectionate with me and most of the time the others are letting her be that way.  When she is up on her den, she literally will cradle her head in my arms and fall asleep while I scratch her side and belly.  She also lets me give her kisses.  She is even giving me submissive greetings at the gate peppered with a little piddle.  She joins Chito in greeting me in the mornings with a howl.

I spent all of today adding a new category to the Wolf pictures gallery, Winter 2010 and adding pictures to their individual galleries.  Remember to click on the thumbnails for a larger image.



Niko Akni





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