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Wa-ta-chee’s Snow Day – by Maria Ferguson


Anyone that has visited Wolf Howl Animal Preserve can attest to the fact that our Alpha Male Wolf, Wa-ta-chee, takes his job very seriously.  He normally acts extremely reserved and is leery and on guard when strangers are around.  When he first came to the Preserve and didn’t have the role of Alpha Male Wolf, Wa-ta-chee was quite playful and mischievous.  After his take over as Alpha of the WHAP pack that all but ended especially during breeding season.   Earlier this month we were graced with some snow though it wasn’t much by northern standards, it was enough to make the Wolves happy.

I went into the enclosure armed with my camera to get some snow Wolf shots and was pleased to see Wa-ta-chee enjoying the snow day.  He was acting like a pup again, scooting about, running around, wrestling with the other Wolves and scent rolling in the snow.  His children were looking at him like he had lost his marbles.  I couldn’t help but smile.

watachsnowday-2.jpgWa-ta-chee must have made 30 laps around that enclosure.  He was feeling his oats!

Then he would stop and roll around on the ground.  Niko Akni was looking at him in this picture with concern.  His Dad didn't usually behave like this.


Up and running again......


watachsnowday-6.jpgPicking up the tempo

Playing with his little Girl, Nita!


watachsnowday-8.jpgNita giving her Crazy Dad a kiss!

Chito sitting on the platform watching her Dad leap up on the Den.

Wolf leaps up on den

Now, he's jumping back down again.  The Wolves are a bit alarmed and confused watching him.  Not typical behavior from their Dad.


Then off and running again.  Just watching him tired me out. 


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