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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves sing for PBS Special by Maria Ferguson

wolf pictureOne of the highlights of September was our Wolves vocal debut in the PBS Special, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, a film by Ken Burns.  Dave Mast of Florentine films  approached us about a year ago and asked if they could use some of the Wolf sounds on our CD, Wolf Songs.  We felt it was such a worthy project and were glad to lend the voices of Wa-ta-chee, Ohoyo and Waya to them.  In return, the filmmakers did give Wolf Howl Animal Preserve a place in the credits under Wolf Calls.  The film historically takes you through the beginnings of National Parks in America.  It’s amazing to me the number of people involved that I had never even heard of, yet had such a great impact on the idea of preserving nature as is for future generations to enjoy.  I only hope that this film will awaken some new ideas in people who can do things to insure that these efforts were not in vain.  The program has six episodes.  The first was aired on 9/27/09 and the last on 10/02/09.  Episode 6 has the most about Wolves and includes information on Adolph Murie’s work and the reintroduction of Wolves into Yellowstone National Park.  If you missed it, I recommend either purchasing the DVD or watching the episodes online.

I put together a video of the Wolves “debut” celebration.  While filming it, a squirrel that has been hopping around the treetops of the Wolf enclosure for about one month now made his final appearance.  Due to a camera mishap, that footage will not be shown but it did put an abrupt end to the party.   I will say that Nita made out like the bandit that she is!  Wonder if ice cream and squirrel go good together?

wolf and visitor pictureThe Wolves had some very special visitors in September, Commander Frank Coyle, US Navy and his wonderful daughter, Alex.  Even though they live all the way in Virginia Beach, this is the third time they have visited Wolf Howl.  They are becoming much like family not only to us but to the Wolves, too.  Frank and Alex were Wolf Nannies for the 2007 pups and it was wonderful to see them reunited.  We all enjoyed their visit tremendously.  Alex is an amazingly multi-talented, creative young lady.  She was kind enough to make some wonderful keychains for us to sell in our gift shop.  She tells me she will write an article for our newsletter when she gets some free time from her schoolwork.  She took some amazing photos of the Wolves that I hope she will include for you to see.

Female Wolf pictures

wolf pictureThe Wolf girls are really vying for position and every week I see something new.  Woha will get up the gumption to stand up to her Mother and Alpha Female Ohoyo.  She gets no backing from the rest of the pack because she can be down right mean to all of them at times, so she gives up her campaign.  She once again submits to her Mother.  She then either takes it out on Nita or Chito.  As of late it has been mostly Chito.  It’s funny because Chito and Nita used to be so close and stand up to Woha.  I haven’t seen that happen for a very long time until recently.  Nita actually feels bad for Chito and will lick her even when Woha is bullying her.  Chito in the past year had not done the same for her.  Recently, I am seeing her if not defend her Omega Sister but comfort her when Woes the terrible is on the warpath.  They need to keep their Mother in power for as long as they could.  Woha though very sweet and funny with humans and the male Wolves, can be brutal to the other females.  She won’t even let them howl.  It is shades of Waya when he was on top but look what happened to him.  So, it’s up in the air who will eventually rule the roost as far as the females go.  I certainly hope that Ohoyo can keep her position for a very long time.

female wolf picture

Finally, I put together another Wolf video filmed on the last day of September.  It’s called Dawn at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and highlights all of our Wolves so you will get to know them all personally.  Please fight to preserve these awesome predators in the wild!  Tell everyone you know what is going on right outside one of our National Parks.  They have a right to be there.  They were here first.

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