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Wolf Management in the West

Wolf Management in the West - by Maria Ferguson

July 2004 was a sad month for the Wolves in our Western States.

Wildlife agents executed the Cook Pack on Tuesday, July 20, 2004. The pack was accused of being Wolves and eating sheep. Idaho sheepherders, great fans of the Wolf, were credited with trying to prevent the attacks? Supposedly, nothing worked and the largest pack in the state of Idaho was murdered. They were hunted down by fixed wing aircraft and helicopter and shot to death. There are two more packs in the area, the Partridge and Hazard Pack’s that have also been accused of depredations.

Not much more than a week after the death of the Cook Pack, the USFW are investigating another claim of attacks on sheep and guard dogs in the McCall area. Friday, July 30, 2004 a Wolf from the Hazard Pack has been trapped and killed with more members of the pack scheduled to follow this same course of action.

Idaho will not be happy and the Anti-Wolfer’s have come right out and said so, until every last Wolf is removed from the State. Look for more of the same "Wolf Management" in Montana and Wyoming.

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