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My Condolences to the Wolf

Wolf Hanging On Picture

My Condolences to the Wolf -

by Maria Ferguson

What is it about, you, the Wolf that inspires so much emotion in us? Whatever it is, it has been going on for hundreds of years. We love you. We hate you. We want to see you roaming free and hear you howl into the night. We want to shoot you on sight. We introduce, you, the greatest predator next to Man, as "experimental populations"* and categorize you, in places like Montana, as the "nonessential" and "naturally occurring". We are managing Wolves, yes managing you. We chase you down with helicopters until you are too weary to run anymore and then we capture or kill you.

I am offering up an apology to the Wolf, publicly, for what Man has put you through. I shed a tear each time I read that you have done what comes most naturally to you and are shot to death for doing so. I see your carcass and those of your pack members lying on the gates of pickup trucks, in pools of blood, a government emblem displayed on it’s doors. Your body is further desecrated in order to have proof of your crime. There is no dignity in dying there and for that I am deeply sorry. I hear people say, "Wolves are killers. They kill to kill."** I am so sorry they we do not understand who you are or what you do. My deepest and heartfelt condolences I extend to you, the Wolf.

Excerpt from *Endangered Species Act of 1973

(1) For purposes of this subsection, the term "experimental population" means any population (including any offspring arising solely therefrom) authorized by the Secretary for release under paragraph (2), but only when, and at such times as, the population is wholly separate geographically from nonexperimental populations of the same species.

B) Before authorizing the release of any population under subparagraph (A), the Secretary shall by regulation identify the population and determine, on the basis of the best available information, whether or not such population is essential to the continued existence of an endangered species or a threatened species.

(C) For the purposes of this Act, each member of an experimental population shall be treated as a threatened species; except that-
(i) solely for purposes of section 7 (other than subsection (a)(1) thereof), an experimental population determined under subparagraph (B) to be not essential to the continued existence of a species shall be treated, except when it occurs in an area within the National Wildlife Refuge System or the National Park System, as a species proposed to be listed under section 4; and
(ii) critical habitat shall not be designated under this Act for any experimental population determined under subparagraph (B) to be not essential to the continued existence of a species.

Excerpt from interview with **Barbie Durham, Cameron, MT in an article written by Rebecca Coinar

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