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Wolves and Pumpkins contest

Wolf pictures, pumpkins 2008

The Wolves enjoyed their pumpkins with the help of volunteers Musher Maggie, Memphis and Liz Plott of Maryland.  The pumpkins were carved by Maggie and together with Liz they scooped out the seeds and stuffed them with sausage and cheese. 

I took 21 photos that I’ve uploaded to various parts of the Wolf Pictures Gallery.  Here’s the challenge; I’ve given you the first picture of Nita carrying her pumpkin.  It was found in the Wolf Pictures Gallery under Wolf Pictures, Nita.  The underlined picture title is Wolf pictures, Pumpkins 2008.  We ask that you find the other 20 image titles from our 2008 Wolf Pumpkin Fest celebration and email them to us.  The first 10 entries that present us with the correct picture titles (underlined above each picture) will win a Wolf sticker.  Make sure you give us your address along with your entries.  Fill out our contact us form message are with the titles, your name and mailing address. DO NOT SEND US AN EMAIL WITH A COPY OF THE PICTURE OR THE LINK OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND OUR MAILBOX WILL BE STUFFED FULLER THAN THE PUMPKINS WERE!  ALL WE NEED IS THE UNDERLINED PICTURE TITLE.

Here’s some clues:

1 picture has no Wolves in

3 pictures have no pumpkins in them

All pictures will have mention of pumpkins and 2008 either in the title; subtitle or descriptions after you click on the larger image.

Have fun and enjoy our Wolves pictures with their pumpkins.

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