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Wolf Awareness Week 2008 at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve

nathangrandmawaw.jpgWe had a fairly good turnout for our week long Wolf Awareness Week celebration.  Free admission was offered for the entire week at the Preserve.  We had visitors from all over the State of Mississippi and some from Tennessee.  One little traveler came from as far away as Wisconsin, my Grandson Nathan.  It was his first visit to Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  He got to see what his Grandma did for a living first hand.  I carried him around in a knapsack as I conducted tours and ran the Gift Shop.  He enjoyed the hustle and bustle of it and the Wolves really were attracted to him in a good way.  They loved when I went in with them after I was done holding him.  They could smell him on me.  Nita in particular was smitten and wanted to rub his scent well into her fur.  Now and in my past experience with Wolves they can recognize a family scent and relationship.

Musher Maggie came down from Memphis on opening day of WAW with a bag of Taste of the Wild kibble for the Wolves.  It contains bison and venison and other natural ingredients no fillers or grain.  The Wolves loved it.  Thank you Maggie!

The Wolves received a very special and much appreciated gift of a whole Angus Cow and Calf from a local rancher.  My husband Don and my son John spent the entire last day of WAW butchering the cow so we could freeze it.  Many thanks to you two as I know it’s not a pleasant job.

We had our Wolf Awareness week judging on the last Saturday of WAW.  Please see this link for details on winning entries and honorable mentions.  Here are some photos of our Judges, Mike and Susan Kline holding up the winning entries.  Congratulations and thank you to all of the entrants.  Thank you Judges! ~ by Maria Ferguson, Founder, Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.




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