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Nita, the Omega - by Maria Ferguson

female wolf

Nita holds one of the most important positions in the pack, the Omega.   The Omega is the lowest rank position in the pack.  Omegas are used as scapegoats, tension relievers.  They build up the egos of their packmates.   Though it is extremely tough for us humans to watch, the position is paramount to the survival of a functioning Wolf pack.  A known fact is that Omega's rarely if ever get killed by other members of the pack.

omega wolf pictureNita is learning how to act appropriately as Omega.  I’m happy to say that she doesn’t have a scratch on her.  Her Mom and Dad, the Alpha Male and Female make sure that none of the other Wolves in the pack injure her.  I have put together a video of some of the encounters you see an Omega have with fellow packmates.  Please know as you are watching this that at no time is she getting hurt.  Even though you hear growls and dominate behavior by the other Wolves, it is basically just for show.  As long as Nita acts appropriately, she will come to no harm.  It’s interesting to see that she has less respect for those that are the most demonstrative.  She knows that they are not secure with their positions in the pack.  Chito for example is a low ranking member of the pack.  She will act extremely dominant when dealing with Nita and even has her hackles raised.  Nita senses the insecurity and doesn’t completely submit to her like she does to her Dad, Mom, Woha, Niko Akni and Waya.   Nita’s tail is always held low and sometimes tucked under when dealing with a Wolf she knows has authority.

I watch out for Nita as well.  I always remind every Wolf not to be too rough with her.  I find it best to cause a distraction to get their attention away from her.  I also make sure that she gets special things we serve for dinner.  When we have ribs, salmon or liver there is usually just enough for everyone to have a portion.  Since she eats last as Omega, I make sure to hand her a piece.  The other Wolves seem to accept that I do this and no one tries to get it from her.  I do see Ohoyo entice her into trying to get a piece of meat or chicken from her.  Often times, Nita wins and gets it.  I haven’t quite figured out this game that Ohoyo plays with her yet.  I know Ohoyo needs allies to keep her position in the pack and that could be why she does this with Nita.

wolf pictureShe is a delightful little girl Wolf, the smallest in the Pack.  By the way, the Omega isn’t always the smallest Wolf in the Pack.  The Sawtooth Pack’s Omega was the largest Wolf and brother of the Alpha Male.  I don’t know how the Omega is picked but I do know that sometimes those position changes and they do better their positions.  I was surprised that Nita was almost immediately chosen as Omega.  She was always a feisty pup and I didn’t imagine her in this position.  It could be because of her playful, impish nature.  Omegas typically are the Wolves to initiate play in a pack.

She has a very deep howl when she is allowed to use it.  Most times, however, she is reduced to yipping, yapping and whining because Woha won’t let her howl like a normal Wolf.  I hope that this will change soon.  She can get pretty noisy.

I adore Nita and she responds to my nicknames for her with joy.  Some of them are Gabeetz, Nita Gabeeta and Beetie butt.  She loves to sneak pass me into the isolation area when I’m changing water buckets.  She’s not much of a foodie but does love her liver treats.

wolves picture

She is very good with me though I must be careful when displaying affection to her so that I don’t draw too much attention her way form the other Wolves.  She seems to have a good sense of when to come to me for some lovin.  Chito used to be her support system until recently.  Chito and Woha have never got along.  Chito didn’t like how Woha treated Nita and really coddled her.  Recently, this has changed and Chito is now proving her rank over Nita.

Nita loves to play and is one of the firsts to come for toys and treats.  I never see her get disciplined for doing so. 

omega wolf picture

Niko approaches Niko Akni appropriately and asks for some ice cubes.  She was granted some.

omega female wolf picture

Nita soliciting ice from Woha.  Her approach is flawless and she gets what she wants.

wolf yawn picture

Nita giving a big yawn after a long day being the Omega in a pack.

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