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Ohoyo, pretty Choctaw Girl – by Maria Ferguson

alpha female wolf picture

Ohoyo means “Wise Woman” in the Choctaw language.  I sing a song to our Alpha Female, Ohoyo as I give her the belly rubs that she loves so much.  I made it up shortly after she came to live at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  It goes like this,

Ohoyo, Ohoyo,
Pretty Choctaw girl,
Welcome to my world,
Pretty Choctaw Girl

She plays a major role in the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve pack.  Sometimes I don’t agree with her methods of discipline but I do understand that she has to be tough to keep order in the pack and her position as well.  I guess I just wish I saw more affection between her and the yearlings.

She is absolutely wonderful with me.  She always greets me submissively and then slowly rolls on to her back for a belly rub.  Ohoyo greets me with a kiss on my raised chin everyday.  It took awhile for us to get to this place.  She challenged me daily for at least 6 months after her arrival.  Her pregnancy and the general concern I had for her during it seemed to strengthen our bond.  I will always hold her in a very special place in my heart.

She has a difficult job in keeping her four yearling Wolf children in line.  They like to aggravate her to no end.  I often see or hear her rebuttal in the form of a sharp growl that echoes through the preserve.  Nita and Chito have joined forces with her in starving off Woha’s attempts at a takeover.  For the time being, Woha has backed down and I see her submitting humbly to Ohoyo.  I hope that it remains this way.

She is a bold Wolf that must always be watched closely by caretakers.  She is curious enough to want to meet you but feels compelled to keep her position of authority.  She’s always willing to test your abilities.  I’m happy to report that I haven’t had to deal with this with her in such I long time, I can’t even remember when the last incident was.    We seem to have struck a good balance.

She is a very beautiful Wolf and adores Wa-ta-chee her mate.  

wolf picture 

female wolf picture

I can't image that this would be comfortable!

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