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Waya the Good Looking Wolf – by Maria Ferguson

wolf portrait

subordinate wolf pictureWaya is one of our adult Wolves.  If you have been following the progress of the Wolves since they arrived at the Preserve, you will know that he was initially the Alpha.  When his brother, Wa-ta-chee reached sexual maturity, Waya was ousted from that position.  He didn’t put up much of a fight.  I think he enjoys the role of being a subordinate male.  He occasionally puts on a display to Wa-ta-chee of submissiveness, groveling, whining and begging.  Watach stands over him growling but no one is ever hurt.  He is just reaffirming Wa-ta-chee’s role in the pack as Alpha.  Waya knows his place and is quite content there especially since Nita is Omega and he doesn’t get treated badly at all.

Waya is still a foodie.  He loves to eat.  He has had some disputes over this with Niko Akni.  Waya does not like to share.  Recently, I brought out a large beef brisket and he just reigned over that piece of meat well after he was full.

He is a very playful Wolf with the others and will often stalk and run after them.  He loves to get any kind of petting or belly rubs from me.  He has never allowed anyone else to touch him.  He still startles if I make an unexpected movement or loud noise.  If I wear something new, he bolts.  Waya is one of those Wolves that make you feel privileged to know one.  He is the ultimate Wolf.

He is the best at getting his monthly Frontline flea and tick preventative on.  The other Wolves outside of him and Woha give me grieve in this.  It’s as if he understands I mean to help him and cause him no harm.

He loves treats and whines, chirps like a bird and howls when he sees me coming with something.  He absolutely loves sausage and cheese.

He has been flirting with both Chito and Woha and it will be interesting to see if he pair bonds with either one of them.  Chito adores him.  Enjoy these recent photos of our good looking Wolf, Waya.

male wolf picture

Waya stretching after a belly rub from his caretaker.

wolf picture

Waya, the Wolf about town..........

wolf fur picture

Waya's winter coat and cape are coming back.

wolf yawn picture

A big Wolfie yawn

wolf walking photo

Guess this photo session is over

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