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The many Faces of Woha by Maria Ferguson

wolf pictureWoha is one of the most dynamic Wolf personalities that I have ever met.  She is small in stature but truly makes up for it in heart.  She is a very bold young Wolf and one I predict we have to keep our eyes on as a competitor for the Alpha Female position.  The rest of the pack has put her in her place on many occasions but that does not deter her much.  The last month she has been fairly civil and for the time being I’m worrying less about her hurting someone or getting injured in a fight.

She loves to follow me around, as she is insatiably curious.  Woha is the least upset by visitors and is often willing to make new friends.  She enjoys a good pet but rarely submits her underside for belly rubs.  She lets me kiss her face and she kisses me in return.

female wolves picture

Woha’s favorite treat is liver snacks.  She will try to beat anyone to the gate to get one.  She will sit on command for a treat as well.  She has a voracious appetite.  Woha is always one of the first Wolves to eat.  She also gets the pick of the most desired foods.

She has the growl of a tiger.  It’s enough to make her Sister’s back down.  I would too if it were directed at me!  I love to hear her howl.  She has a very sweet voice.  It’s a very traditional howl and extremely harmonic.  I’ve put together a short video of Woha taken on September 30, 2008, where you may hear her sing.

female wolf picture

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