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Chito – Yearling Wolf in the Fall

wolf picture

I thought you might enjoy a little pictorial update on Chito.  This fall and the winter will bring plenty of changes in the Wolf habitat at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  We are already seeing some changes going on.

female wolf pictureChito is a huge female Wolf.  She was born in the spring of 2007.  True to her Choctaw name which means ENORMOUS, she has remained the largest female by far in the Wolf Howl Pack.    She also held the record for the pup who did everything first.  She held her own and often bests the other pups in tests of dominance.  Once she was returned to the main enclosure with the rest of the Pack that seemed to change.  Her and Nita became the lowest ranking members of the pack.  She was so sweet to our tiny Omega, Nita.  They were best buds as well as Sisters.  Woha claimed the dominant pup position in the pack and ruled with an iron jaw over the rest of the pups.  Now, I have seen that Chito is interested in moving up her position in the pack.  With maturity comes the desire to breed and though she hasn’t been through a cycle yet, nature is telling her to get ready.  In addition to flirting with Waya, a subordinate male, she is starting to dominate over Nita.  I was sorry to see this special bond end over rank.  She has also joined forces with Ohoyo, the Alpha Female against Woha.

wolf dominating picture

female wolf pictureChito is a joy to be around as a caretaker except for having to put her Frontline on which she HATES.  She is so big that you have to be careful that she doesn’t knock you over with her displays of affection.  Her coat color is changing to a lovely gray.  It’s thick and healthy.  She is a good weight and I think we will have to watch that she doesn’t gain too much more.  Of the female pups she is the most leery of strangers.  She will also shun me for an hour or two after I treat her with the Frontline. 

She absolutely loves to howl and I can always get her to answer me even when she can’t see me.  She is the Wolf that starts most chorus howls.  Her voice is deep and beautiful.

I’ve put together a short video of Chito Wolf taken on 9/30/08.

beautiful wolf picture

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