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Wolves caught on Video by Maria Ferguson

These are photos taken from our webcam of our Wolves on July 20th just before noon.  They were rather sluggish from the heat so I put one of their tubs out in front of their den.  Normally, I put their tubs right next to the isolation fence but people viewing our webcam wouldn't be able to enjoy them.  The reason I put them there is because I can fill them with a hose.  If I try to drag a hose through the main enclosure, it would be history in a few short seconds.  No, they don't listen very well!  I painstakingly carried buckets of water over to the tub from the isolation.  So I sincerely hope that someone got to enjoy it.  ^,^

I try to put the tubs out for them once a day.  It really refreshes them.  I've added some regular pictures at the end of this article from a session a few days ago.

wolf in tub

Nita splashing while Ohoyo and Chito look on

wolves in tub

Nita still splashing as Niko Akni strolls by

wolves in tub

Chito wanting Nita to get out and give her a chance

wolves in tub

Waya comes up to add to the pressure Chito's already giving Nita

papa wolf in tub

Wa-ta-chee sneaks in and Nita sulks away

wolf by tub

Ohoyo manages to get the tub alone

mama wolf in tub

and she gets to enjoy a bit of a dunk

wolf in tub

Look to your right,  Nita is zooming away

wolf in tub

This is Waya trying to get every drop of water out of the tub

wolf pictures, webcam

No Wolves, no water, short work of that!  They truly need a pond.

To watch our webcam, click here.  Best viewing times are dinnertime 6:00-7:00pm central time in the summer, early mornings and all evening.  You won't see a Wolf during the day unless I entice them out there and it isn't easy.  Be patient, keep watching and you'll see them, hopefully sooner than later.  Remember it's a large enclosure and the image capture of the webcam is relatively small.

Wolf pictures, splashing Wolf

Nita and the tub

Wolf pictures, leaping Wolf

Nita leaping out of the tub

Wolf pictures, dirty girl

Nita zooming around, she's refreshed after her dip

Wolf pictures, the face

Nita guards her tub from Sis Woha

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