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Last Red Wolf leaves the Racine Zoo Update

Last Red Wolf leaves the Racine Zoo Update - by Maria Ferguson

Two Red Wolves Pictures

Will Waddell, the Red Wolf SSP Coordinator, has just informed me of the correct locations of the three Red Wolves from the Racine Zoo, Racine, Wisconsin.  He writes:

"Regarding the wolves from Racine. The female, after spending about a year in Tacoma was sent to Chaffee Zoo with a male from here* for breeding. One of the males was sent to the Wild Canid Center in Euraka, MO and was paired with a female at that facility. The last male was sent to the Wildlife Science Center, MN in April but it was too late to pair him for breeding. None of these pairings were made specifically for reintroduction."

*Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Tacoma, Washington

Click here for larger photo of two of the Red Wolves at the Racine, Zoo.

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