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Wolves and Wolf Pup update, May 2007

Wolves and Wolf Pup update, May 2007


I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of the month of May 2007 for the Wolves and Wolf pups at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve. 

Thanks to many generous and kind people, the Wolves and pups had a ball this past month.  They all had new Kongs, biscuit balls, fill n freeze bones and lots of healthy goodies to stuff inside. 

chitoniko11wks.jpgThe pups have entered their rapid growth period this week and that is a scary thought.  They started out the month of May at Chito weighing 18.8lbs, Woha 17.4lbs, Nita 17lbs
and Niko Akni 15lbs.  They now all weigh over 25lbs and we just started their major growth period this week Monday.  They are eating upwards of 15lbs, for all four, a day in beef, fish, chicken and puppy kibble.  That is just their meals.  For afternoon snacks they get beef bones and ribs.

Woha gave us a scare at the beginning of the month.  We noticed that her right eye had turned a cloudy blue almost like a cataract.  I made an appointment immediately for her to see Dr. Harland.  After he stained her eye, we were thrilled to find out that it was most likely an insect bite and her chances of a full recovery were extremely high.  I’m happy to report that with medication by the next day her eye was back to normal and she is A-OK.  On a lighter note, this was the visit that Woha got to meet Dr. Harland’s monkey, Spence.  Of the two, I thought she had the best manners!

ontheroad1.jpgThe pups as a group had a Vet appointment on the 18th of May.  They rode in style to see Dr. Harland this time, thanks to Mack McNeill who bought them a new traveling crate. It is metal and allowed the air to flow through much better than their plastic crates would.  It is also much larger than the plastic crates and they all got to ride together.  They are all doing fine and received more vaccinations.  Next month, Niko Akni will get his vasectomy.

We hired two students to work at the Preserve this summer, Jeff White and Tiffany Turner.  They will be working with the pups, landscaping and working in the gift shop.  Ohoyo took an instant dislike to Tiffany after I let her walk one of the pups for lead training.  Up to that point, she didn’t seem to mind her being around.  When Tiffany walked the Wolf pup in front of the main enclosure, Ohoyo immediately started to chuff with hackles raised, she even charged the fence and acted as if she wanted to dig out after her.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Our Mama Wolf is very protective of her babies even though they aren’t with her right now.  She seems to really trust only me with them.  Needless to say, I didn’t allow Tiffany to walk the pups anymore.  I’m happy to report that Tiffany and I were hanging fence signs a few weeks later and Ohoyo must have forgiven her.  She laid right down in front of where we were working and watched peacefully.  Jeff hung the shade cloth in the isolation area for the pups to prepare for the time when they are ready to be reintroduced back into the pack.  Ohoyo once again decided that she was going to put on a display.  She started to distress howl and I scolded her since she’s known Jeff for about a year now and has never had any problems with him before.  We just ignored her and she quickly settled down and just watched us work. 

Ohoyo is slim and trim.  She caches most of the food I bring for her and the boys to eat.  I suspect she is saving it for the pups.  Wa-ta-chee must be finding it because he is getting a very big belly.  When I rub it, I tell him he’s having babies and he smiles.  Waya has his playmate, Ohoyo, back and he couldn’t be happier.  They run around and chase each other in the early morning and again at dusk.  Most of the time Wa-ta-chee joins in for a few laps but is very content to sit back and watch.

The Adults and pups howl on most evenings when it’s cooled off and it just gives me goose bumps to watch the pups tiny heads raised in song.  Chito is actually starting to sound like a real Wolf when she howls.  Woha’s howl is more like a moan.  Nita and Niko Akni howls sound like they are rolling their R’s.   Very cute.

Don and I take the pups over to visit the adults when we get a chance and a good time is had by all.  I’ve put together a short video of the month of May 2007 at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, included is a short spot on Chito and Woha visiting their parents and Uncle Waya.  Waya is the Wolf rolling around the biscuit ball; he’s so playful.

We are hoping to keep the pups available to the public for socialization until the end of this month.  It will depend on how fast they grow and if I’m afraid they can make it over the top of the fence in the enclosure they are in now.  So, if you were planning a visit, I’d do it now.

We've added new pictures of the adults to our Wolf Picture Gallery, click here and scroll down to the bottom for May 2007 photos of the adult Wolves.  Click here and scroll down for May 2007 pictures of our Wolf pups.

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