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Wild Pups at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve

Wolf Tracks Picture

Wild Pups - by Maria Ferguson

It is spring in Mississippi. The honeysuckle smells glorious and vines are climbing up trees. The Whip-poor-wills serande us until the wee hours of the morning.

I was down by the creek trying to remove vines from the bigger trees. This task is never-ending! It was about thirty minutes into the job when I heard whimpering. I stopped what I was doing and listened. This time, it was obvious to me that it was the whining of pups. The sound seemed to be coming from the other side of the creek. I walked down to the bridge, which is quite a long walk and made my way to the spot where I thought the whimpering was coming from. I discovered a den on the inside of the bank of the creek in a hollowed out base of a tree. Several days earlier, my dogs spotted what looked like a coyote coming out of the creek and walking along the edge of the woods. I assumed this was a coyote den and left immediately, not wanting to disturb the residents. Coytoes will move their den if they think that they are in danger.

Last night, I took a walk down to an area of land that we have been working on to improve drainage. I noticed huge canid tracks. They are amazingly wolf-like and I am wondering if what I saw was a Wolf or Red Wolf Hybrid. They appear to be too large for a coyote and the fact that the front and back paw meet in the tracks suggests that they have been made from a Wolf. Tonight, I found pup tracks coming out of the creek next to adult tracks.

I will continue to be as vigilant as I could without disturbing the den. I took some photos with a telephoto lens. I will keep my Newsletter Members informed of the status. It will be interesting. The Mississippi Fish and Wildlife denies the presence of Wolves in the State, even though there have been sightings reported. I personally know several reliable people who have seen Wolves in the area.


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