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3 Wolves shot to death in Ohio - by Maria Ferguson

3 Wolves shot to death in Ohio - by Maria Ferguson

My heart is breaking with the news I read on July 19, 2006. I post Wolf news on our website’s Wolf forum.  This is the article I found:

Three wolves shot after attacking dog
Animals posed threat to owner who shot 2; sheriff's office killed 1
By KIMBERLY DICK source article
Advocate Reporter
HANOVER -- Three wolves were shot Sunday near residences on Rock Haven Road after getting loose, attacking a beagle and posing a threat to the dog's owner.
Kathy Bryan called the Licking County Sheriff's Office Sunday morning and reported three wolves belonging to her neighbor had gotten loose and attacked her chained dog.
Bryan heard her dogs barking, and she said she came outside to see wolves on her property.
She said she got her shotgun and fired a warning shot into the air. One of the bigger wolves reportedly had her beagle by the neck, trying to pull him off his chain.  Another was climbing the fence around her caged beagles, she said.  Bryan used the shotgun to stop the wolf from attacking her dog. She shot the other wolf as it advanced on her. She killed both wolves.

"I felt bad shooting them," she said. "I cried and then I cried. It wasn't their fault. They shouldn't have been there."

She said she didn't initially know there were three wolves in her yard. The third one ran back into the woods toward its owners' house.

"They were hungry," Bryan said. "They aren't pets. They are wild animals. Wolves will kill."

The third wolf was shot by the sheriff's office because the wolf showed signs of aggression and was loose, according to the police report.  The wolves' owners reportedly were not home when the attack occurred.  The sheriff's office and animal control responded to the scene. According to the report, a Licking County Division of Wildlife officer said the animals were permitted at Robert Pitt's residence. They were, however, required to be in a pen.
The beagle suffered puncture wounds to the neck and back and bruising to its body. Bryan said her dog may need to go back to the veterinarian because it is having breathing problems.
Bryan said this isn't the first time she had complained about her neighbor's animals.

"I kept complaining that something like this was going to happen. No one listened," she said. "Now it has."

She said the neighbors have raised various animals, including lions, on the property in the past. Other animals have been on Bryan's property before. Bryan said she has reported these incidents on several occasions, and the situation remained the same.  But she wasn't aware she was living next to wolves, nor did she know how long her neighbors have had wolves.
Pitt declined to comment.

The Wolves in this incident were from the same animal preserve as our Wolves are from. I spoke with the reporter, Kimberly Dick, that morning and she said that Mr. Pitt doesn’t have any Wolves left, which most likely means that our Wolfs, parents, Lobo and Sleet and possibly another sibling from the same litter were the Wolves, involved. There are no laws in Ohio governing the ownership of Wolves. That means that anyone can have a Wolf or Wolves on their property without a permit or any type of licensing.

I don’t blame the woman, Kathy Bryan, for protecting her dogs. I find several things about this story odd. What I do find strange is that she kept a loaded gun at her door. I also find it strange that the Wolves didn’t kill the dog in the amount of time it would take to even cock a shotgun. A Wolfs jaw exudes 1500 lbs. of pressure per square inch. How long could this attack have taken with the dog not being killed? Thirdly, Wolves are extremely territorial and unless spooked or in need of shelter or food, would usually not leave their homes. The reporter spoke with Bob Pitt this morning and he told her that the Wolves had dug out around a culvert in their enclosure that was installed for denning. He and his family were on a camping trip.  It was the owner’s responsibility to keep his animals in proper containment and now the innocent have paid the ultimate price with their lives. Kimberly Dick told me that the Wolf corpses were returned to Mr. Pitt for burial.

lobo.jpgsleet.jpg These pictures were sent to me by Bob Pitt in July of 2005 when we purchased our Wolf pups from him. Lobo is the Father and Sleet is is Mother of our Wolves.   

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