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Wolf Howl Wolves updated February 2010 – by Maria Ferguson  - Find out how the Wolf Howl pack is doing. Watch a video and slideshow of our beautiful Wolf pack.
Wolf Dogs in California in need of Rescue  - These three Wolf Dogs are in need of a good home with proper containment. They are canine socialized but not human socialized.
Wolf News Around the World, February 2010 - by Chris Kirby  - Read the latest Wolf News and feel free to discuss it by joining our forum.
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves Update, January 2010 - by Maria Ferguson  - Find out how the Wolves are doing. See their Christmas celebration on video. Get to know our Wolves on the Upclose and Personal video.
Wolf News Around the World, January 2010 - by Chris Kirby  - Read important Wolf News from around the world.
Wa-ta-chee’s Snow Day – by Maria Ferguson  - Read and see pictures of how much our Alpha Male enjoyed a day with snow at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
Wolf Awareness Week 2009 at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and Our Message to YOU  - Read about our Wolf Awareness Week activities. We also share our WAW message regarding Wolves in the Wild and what you can do to try and HELP THEM. It won't cost you a dime, so please read and ACT! Find out who won our WAW Contest.
Our Dingo by Alfred Mueller  - Alfred Mueller and his Wife, Midori, live with a pack of Dingoes, Cobber, Momoko and Tora. He was kind enough to tell us a bit about their nature and explain the Dingo's status in the wilds of Australia.
The Wolves in Fall at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - See pictures and video of our Wolves Halloween Celebration at the Preserve.
Wolf News Around the World, October 2009 - by Chris Kirby  - Read the sad news of the Wolf Hunts going on in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The number of Wolves killed will astonish you. The Wolf world has lost a great Man, protector and friend of the Denali Wolves, Gordon Haber.
My Visit to Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Alex Coyle  - Read about Alex's trip to the Preserve to see the Wolves. Alex has made the long trek from Virginia Beach with her Dad three times. Her and her Dad were Wolf Nannys for the 2007 pups.
Wolf News Around the World, September 2009 - by Chris Kirby  - Read, quite possibly, the saddest Wolf News that there has been in the 6 year history of our Wolf News articles. I know it's tough, but you must be aware to help the Wolf.
A Farewell to Adrian “Mack” McNeill  - Wolf Howl Animal Preserve has lost a "Dear Friend" and awesome Human being. Read our tribute to him.
In Memory of Shiloh  - Adrian "Mack" McNeill a firm supporter of WHAP has lost his best friend. This is our tribute to her.
Wolves and Wolf Pup update, May 2007  - Read about the Wolves at WHAP during the month of May 2007. See the video that features both the adults and pups.
Wolf News Around the World, SUMMER 2009 - by Chris Kirby  - Read about Idaho's planned Wolf Hunt scheduled to start September 1st and other important Wolf News.
Summer Visitors to Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, the good, the bad and the ugly – by Maria Ferguson  - Read about the Summer Visitors at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve. Find out what our Wolves have been up to.
Will 330 NRM Wolves Be Spared? - by Chris Kirby  - Will an injunction come in time to save the Wolves in the Northern Rockies? Read what is being done to try and stop this ill planned hunt.
Aerial Shooting Makes Victims of Us All – by Bill Cannon*  - Writer, Bill Cannon, explores the dark side of Alaska's Predator Control program and its effect on our nation.
Wolf News Around the World - June 2009 by Chris Kirby  - Read what is going on with the Wolves of the world in early summer of 2009.
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