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Our Wolves in the Winter of 2017 – by Maria Ferguson  - Read how our pack is doing this winter. You will also find a fun video of them along with some new pictures.
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Update January 2017 – by Maria Ferguson  - See our Wolves celebrate Christmas. Find out how to learn more about them.
Rolling on Pumpkin Pie, what Wolves do at Thanksgiving – by Maria Ferguson  - See and read about what our Wolves have been up to in November of 2016.
Wolves celebrate Halloween 2016 – by Maria Ferguson  - See video of our Wolves 2016 Halloween celebration. See pictures and find links to videos of Halloween past.
Saddles on Wolves by Maria Ferguson  - Watch our Wolves get petted, growl, give kisses and play in the video included in this article.
Wolves in August of 2016 at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve  - See two videos of our Wolves that were taken throughout the month of August 2016.
Wolf Howl Wolves in June 2016 by Maria Ferguson  - Read about the Wolves and see video of a chorus howl.
Our Wolves in May by Maria Ferguson  - See a video compilation of our Wolves during the month of May in 2016. Read about their behavior in warmer months.
Wolf Videos from Wolf Howl Animal Preserve  - Enjoy some videos of our Wolves taken in the spring of 2016.
More about the Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - See video of our Wolves in February of 2016. You will also read about typical Wolf behavior.
Wolf Howl Wolves Update January 2016  - See video of our Wolves receiving their favorite treat.
December Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - Find out how the Wolves are doing and see video of their 2015 Christmas celebration.
With a Little Help from our Friends – by Maria Ferguson  - See two videos, one a Waya update and the other their Pumpkinfest celebration. Read about how Waya and his pack are adjusting.
We are all on a rollercoaster ride at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve  - One of our Wolves, Waya has become blind. Find out and see how he is leaning to live with the pack again.
Wolves at the end of Summer by Maria Ferguson  - She our Wolves on a lazy August afternoon. Watch them get their dinner and some special attention from their caretaker.
Wolves in July at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve – by Maria Ferguson  - See video of our Wolves and find out how their summer is going.
A Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Summer begins – by Maria Ferguson  - See and hear about the Wolves in early Summer. Enjoy two short videos of them.
A Little Bit of Wolves by Maria Ferguson  - It's just before dark in the Wolf enclosure. See and hear what happens with the Wolves and their caretaker.
Wolves in Spring at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve – by Maria Ferguson  - Find out what are Wolves are up to in early Spring. Watch them celebrate their birthdays.
Wolf Weather by Maria Ferguson  - See pictures and video of the Wolves enjoying the snow in February at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
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