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Wolf Dogs in need of a Good Home  - A Wolf Dog Rescue is needed in West Virginia. Only serious inquiries, please. Wolf Dog guardianship is not for everyone.
Wolf Hunt Part of Chain of Life - by Tony Vagneur  - Brilliantly written article by Tony Vagneur for his column in the Aspen Times. This article is a must read.
What do Wolves prefer to eat in western Montana?  - Surprisingly, enough and contrary to popular belief of ranchers in the western United States, Wolves prefer ungulates over livestock.
Wolf Pups are born  - Read about the new pups at Wolf Park and the Roger Williams Zoo. Find great links to the pups photos and videos.
UK Wolf Trust Seminar Summary  - Ken Lloyd, of the UK Wolf Trust, shares with us the interesting topics discussed regarding Wolves at the Trusts first spring seminar. Do the problems of Europeon Wolves mirror those of Wolves in North America?
The Role of the Wolf  - The Role of the Wolf as a first-rate predator needs to be understood by all. There was an open wound in our ecosystem, once the Wolf was removed.
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve in Spring  - We would like to share some of our springtime pictures of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve with our supporters.
UK WOLF CONSERVATION TRUST SPRING SEMINAR 2005  - The UK Wolf Conservation Trust will be hosting a spring seminar on April 10, 2005. There will be interesting speakers, an auction and the day will end with a walk with the Wolves.
Dinner To Benefit Red Wolf Survival Program  - Hurry, don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the Red Wolf Survival Program. Reservations must be made by April 1, 2005.
Famous Toklat Pack is being lost to Trappers  - Denali National Park's famous Toklat Pack are being trapped just outside the buffer zone. Biologist, Dr. Gordon Harber appeals to the Alaska Board of Game for a halt to hunting and trapping for the remainder of the season.
Bull Island Red Wolf Breeding Program halted  - There are 300 Red Wolves left in the World. The Federal government decides that the Bull Island breeding project is not important at this time in Red Wolf recovery.
Wolves can teach Man how to Survive by Maria Ferguson  - This article examines possible reasons for Man's ill feelings towards the Wolf.
Bush Administration found in violation of the ESA regarding Gray Wolves in the US  - US District Judge Robert E. Jones rules that the Bush Administration was in violation of the ESA regarding the delisting of the nations Gray Wolves.
Are these Wild Turkey's friends or foes of Wolf Howl's Siberian Husky Pack?  - Has Cupid's arrow missed its target? Could this Wild Turkey hen have the light of love in her pretty eyes?
Idaho and Montana receives a license to Kill Wolves  - Learn about the new 10j rule effective in February of 2005 for the states of Idaho and Montana.
Money becomes an issue in the Aerial Wolf Slaughter  - Is money spent already a good enough reason to keep Alaska's aerial Wolf control program moving forward?
From Bad to Worse for Alaska's Wolves  - The Aerial Slaughter continues and worsens for Alaskan Wolves. See how you may help.
2005 should be an Interesting Year for the Wolf  - Between the pending delisting legislation and the Anti-Wolf Coalition lawsuits in the Western United States, 2005 should prove to be a very interesting year for the Grey Wolf.
2004 Mexican Gray Wolf News in Review  - For the most part, the Mexican Gray Wolf reintroduction project continues to be plagued with problems.
Why Hand Raise Captive Wolves?  - Pat Goodmann, Wolf Researcher for 30 years, shares the results and reasoning of Wolf Park's "recipe" for hand raising captive Wolves.
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