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From Baghdad, With Love- by Lt. Colonel Jay Kopelman  - Read this book review by Matt Plott.
The Legend of Lobo - a movie review by Lorene McKinney  - Read this movie review by student and Wolf Howl Animal Preserve member, Lorene McKinney.
Frosty Paws, new treats and mild temps for our Wolves – by Maria Ferguson  - Read how the Wolves are spending the first days of summer at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve in 2008.
Wolf News Around the World June 2008 by Maria Ferguson  - Read the Wolf news around the globe from the month of June, 2008.
Wolf News Around the World April 1, 2008 – May 4, 2008 – by Maria Ferguson  - Please read this important Wolf news. Wolves are being killed in record numbers since the March 28th delisting. There are links to pictures that are not pleasant and may cause you to grieve. Fight for the life of Wolves in the wild.
Wolf News Around the World, May 2008 - by Chris Kirby  - Read the latest news concerning Wolves in the US and around the world.
The Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Family Pack has expanded by Maria Ferguson  - Read what's been happening at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and see the videos of the Wolves.
Our Wolves in April by Maria Ferguson  - A short article about our Wolves and some video taken during the month of April. Learn about a Wolf's paws in our Wolf photo gallery, a link is provided in the article.
Wolves in the Northern Rockies Mountain Region need your help, NOW  - Please read this article and ACT NOW to SAVE the Wolves in the NRM. I'm asking you to please do this as we don't have much time. 11 Wolves have already been killed in Wyoming's Predatory Zone since the delisting.
Which of the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve’s Wolves are my favorite? A questioned answered by Lorene McKinney  - Read which one of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves, if any, are her favorites.
Gray Wolves lose Federal protection in the Northern Rockies by Maria Ferguson  - The Gray Wolves in the Northern Rockies are now officially off the Endangered Species List.
Wolf News Around the World, March 2008 by Chris Kirby and Maria Ferguson  - Read the important Wolf news from around the globe from March of 2008. Wolves are delisted in the Northern Rocky Mountain region.
Spring Celebrations for the Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - Find out how the Wolves and our 1 year old Wolf pups enjoyed their birthdays, their first snow and an Easter Egg Hunt. Watch the videos, too.
Now More Than Ever - by Chris Kirby  - A poem written for the Wolves of the Northern Rockies.
Wolf News Around the World, February 2008 - by Chris Kirby  - Read how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Thursday, Feb. 21, filed the rule that would remove gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains from the federal endangered species list. Hunting Wolves in the Northern Rockies can begin as early as this fall.
February at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson  - Read about the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolves, the tornado that struck their Vet's office and watch the video of a Wolf Family Dinner.
CONFLICT AND CONTROL - The Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf's Habitat by Chris Kirby  - This outstanding article, by Chris Kirby, poses some food for thought on the possible reasons of conflict between the wild Wolf and Man. This is an extremely worthwhile read.
Favorite Wolf pictures from the month of February 2008  - Take a look at the pictures of our Wolves from this past month. These are our favorites!
Wolf Population by Josh Tolbert  - The following paper was an assignment for a student at Murray Windham, Class 2034. Part of his assignment was to interview Maria Ferguson, Founder of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
My Whapy Days - by Brian Kelley  - An article written by 12 year old Brian Kelley of Boca Raton, Florida about his volunteer experience at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.
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