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Our Rescue Dogs

This is Willy, Sarah Smile and a coydog, yet to be named. Willy was rescued from a life sentance in early May of 2008 at 7 months old because someone had labeled him as a Wolfdog. Sarah Smile found us. She had heartworm, external parasites and malnutrition when she came to us.

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Willy lookin good picture Picture Willy lookin good picture
Nashoba checking out Willy's bandana
Paying attention picture Picture Paying attention picture
Willy, Tah-lee and Nakoo
Doggie Soccer Game Picture Doggie Soccer Game
Tah-lee and Willy playing soccer
Feelin his oats Picture Feelin his oats
A very healthy little boy
Fearless Tah-lee Picture Fearless Tah-lee
Tah-lee trying to get a stick from Willy
Persistent Tah-lee Picture Persistent Tah-lee
This little guy doesn't give up easily
Guarding Tah-lee picture Picture Guarding Tah-lee picture
Nakoo guarding our little rescue, Tah-lee
Coydog picture Day 14 Picture Coydog picture Day 14
He gained 15lbs already
Coydog Day 14 Picture Coydog Day 14
Tah-lee on day 14 after his arrival
Coydog pup picture, cutest face Picture Coydog pup picture, cutest face
Tah-lee is just a really sweetie
Coydog Pup Day 8 Picture Coydog Pup Day 8
Tah-lee on his 8th Day at WHAP
Coydog pup recovering quickly picture Picture Coydog pup recovering quickly picture
See the scars on his hind legs
Coydog pup picture, day 4 Picture Coydog pup picture, day 4
On Day 3 he has already gained 5lbs
Coydog pup teeth picture Picture Coydog pup teeth picture
Look at those toothers
Yummy chicken Picture Yummy chicken
He is gaining weight rapidly
Tah-lee playing picture Picture Tah-lee playing picture
Feels good enough to play already
Surrogate Mom and pup picture Picture Surrogate Mom and pup picture
Nakoo loves to Mother pups
Coydog pup picture Picture Coydog pup picture
Day 2 of the rescue
Willy, mixed breed picture Picture Willy, mixed breed picture
Handsome 9 month old pup
Best Buds picture Picture Best Buds picture
Tah-lee and Willy
Willy is a big pup Picture Willy is a big pup
Willy is bigger than a Husky
Willy and Juno Picture Willy and Juno
Much bigger than a Husky
Willy staying cool Picture Willy staying cool
Willy is chillin
Willy picture Picture Willy picture
Willy August 2008
Willy portrait Picture Willy portrait
A very handsome pooch
Dog submission holds picture Picture Dog submission holds picture
Believe it or not these two are best friends
Sarah Smile portrait Picture Sarah Smile portrait
Sarah Smile looking good
Tah-lee & Sarah in snow 2011 Picture Tah-lee & Sarah in snow 2011
Tah-lee the terrible terrorizes
Doggie Pals Picture Doggie Pals
They really do like each other
Our very own Yetti Picture Our very own Yetti
Oh wait it's just
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