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Wolf pictures, January 2007

These Wolf pictures were taken at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve during the month of January which is breeding season for our Wolves.

Click on the image to view a larger picture and description.

The Look of Love Wolf Picture Picture The Look of Love Wolf Picture
He's only got eyes for Ohoyo
Wolf Pair Picture Picture Wolf Pair Picture
Alpha Male and Female Wolves
A Wolf Couple picture Picture A Wolf Couple picture
Watachee and Ohoyo
A Wolf Rally picture Picture A Wolf Rally picture
Alpha in the middle
A Wolf Pack Rally photo Picture A Wolf Pack Rally photo
Rallies often happen before or after a Chorus Howl
Bored Wolf picture Picture Bored Wolf picture
Seems like Watach is getting bored with being a Suitor
Wolf King picture Picture Wolf King picture
King Wa-ta-chee
Sleepy Wolf picture Picture Sleepy Wolf picture
Wolf ready for a nap
Waya Wolf picture Picture Waya Wolf picture
A picture of a Beta Wolf
Wolf looking down photo Picture Wolf looking down photo
Anybody down there?
Wolf Eyes picture Picture Wolf Eyes picture
Waya's eyes are beautiful
Wolf Eyes 2 picture Picture Wolf Eyes 2 picture
A Wolves eyes are slightly slanted upward
Lovely Lady Wolf picture Picture Lovely Lady Wolf picture
Ohoyo a female Wolf
Wolf stalking picture Picture Wolf stalking picture
She looks like she is stalking
Wolf wants belly rubs, picture Picture Wolf wants belly rubs, picture
Wa-ta-chee and Ohoyo wanting attention
Female Wolf howling picture Picture Female Wolf howling picture
Ohoyo singing her heart out
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