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WDFW investigates third wolf poaching

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WDFW investigates third wolf poaching
Author: Auntie P.
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Skinned corpse of wolf discovered, but state won't say from which pack.

Wildlife enforcement officers are investigating allegations of a wolf poaching that is not related to an ongoing investigation of two gray wolf killings in the Methow Valley in 2008.

"We have been asked to investigate further poaching allegations… unrelated to the Okanogan case," said Mike Cenci, deputy chief of enforcement for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. "We do have a wolf corpse, minus a hide. At this point I’m not willing to discuss which pack that animal may have come from," Cenci said Tuesday (Feb. 15). He declined to say when the department discovered the carcass.

There are two confirmed gray wolf packs in the state. The Lookout Mountain Pack in the Methow Valley, and the Diamond Pack in Pend Oreille County in northeast Washington.

full story here

This could be the missing alpha female of the Lookout Pack.  The first mother wolf of the state's first confirmed pack of wolves in Washington state in 70 years.  previously on WHAP here

Washington wildlife biologist are keenly watching during the February wolf mating season to see if there's any breeding activity in the Methow Valley's Lookout Mountain pack. Two years ago, that pack became the first in Washington to have a confirmed breeding pair.

State Fish and Wildlife Dept. experts suggest the breeding female was killed last May and her radio collar destroyed, according to a story in the Methow Valley News.  The pack has fluctuated in size numbering as many as 10 in the spring of 2008.  Biologists estimate the pack has dwindled to perhaps just 3 wolves.


I am sad and angry.  I feel terrible for the wolves in this area who have to survive hatredSick just to live.Broken Heart  And that life alone isn't easy.


Author: Nakoowolf
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I can't believe with such a small number of Wolves in such a big area that they are killing them already.  Second incident where the pelt was taken which makes me think it may not be hate at all just greed.  Either way, disgusting and I'm so sad for the Wolves, too.Broken HeartMadWhip

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Author: Auntie P.
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good point, Nakoowolf.  The almighty dollar. Puke

an update...

News released reveals it was a male dumped near Rainy Pass.  Evidence at the scene suggests the wolf was shot somewhere else, however.  WDF&W deputy says this all happened a year and a half ago but the investigation was kept quiet until now.

"Mike Cenci: "There are times when it makes sense to try to get the public's help in resolving a case. And there are times where you're better off operating on a more clandestine level. We're at that point now where we would appreciate the public's help."

Wash. Wildlife Agents seek tips on Wolf Poaching

WDFW Poaching Tip Line:

1-877-WDFW-TIP (1-877-933-9847)

Reporting violations and poaching:



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