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Russian Wolves Against Japanese Wild Boars

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Russian Wolves Against Japanese Wild Boars
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Japanese farmers are hoping to defend their crop fields from inroads of wild boars and deer by using wolves that they plan to bring from Russia. A project to this effect is already on the Japanese government’s table.

Experts point to the Island of Kyushu, which is famous for its dried "shiitake" mushrooms- a popular treat in local cuisine and a food of choice for wild boars. Their ever-increasing population on Kyushu remains the main headache for local farmers who are also concerned about wild deer’s inroads on the cultivated rice fields. The farmers are trying their best to fix the problem on their own, but to no avail. Suffice it to mention the Japanese city of Bungoono, where the problem caused about 300,000 dollars in damage last year.

...Given that wolves were totally destroyed in Japan last century, all eyes will understandably be on Russia’s readiness to cooperate on the matter, which is a headache of quite a few countries, including the United States. A pack of wolves was brought there from Canada last year to secure crop fields.

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Despite the concerns, Yusuke Hashimoto, mayor of the Oita Prefecture city of Bungo-Ono, is set to move forward with the program, saying, "We cannot think of any other effective measures.Confused I hope our initiative will serve as a model for other municipalities across the country."

Meanwhile, Naoki Maruyama, the Japan Wolf Association president and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology professor emeritus, said, "The use of wolves in pest control has already been proved effective."

According to the association, forests in the Yellowstone National Park in the United States were restored after wolves were imported from Canada to control the wild deer population in the area between 1995 and 1996.

The association, which plans to set up research and information centers about wolves across the country, is set to launch a research committee in 10 municipalities, including Bungo-Ono, sometime soon in a bid to promote the program.



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