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Fish & Game Employee shoots wolf on JBER

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Fish & Game Employee shoots wolf on JBER
Author: Nakoowolf
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Don said about the same thing you did, that it looked like a painting.  I think perhaps it was taken from a distance and they just really enhanced the heck out of it. Watching from the sidelines

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Author: Auntie P.
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"Ten Anchorage wolves have been killed -- nine of them trapped or shot by the state -- as a six-month predator-control effort on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson wraps up.  (one by car not related to kills)

He estimates four wolves remain in the area.

"If somebody sees a wolf and it just looks at them and doesn't run away, is that grounds to shoot the wolf?" Idea he asked

"We have suspicions some of those (wolves) were intentionally fed by people and, of course, we hope that won't happen," he said. That didn't change what he considered his obligation to act.


The wolf removal effort was in response to habituated wolves in the area that were becoming increasingly aggressive towards humans and pets. Tissue, bone, and hair samples from the wolves will be analyzed to develop profiles of dietary habits. This information could prove useful for future comparative studies. In addition, samples will be used as part of a broader genetic study of Alaska wolves.

To prevent future problems, area residents must take precautions not to leave out garbage, pet food, or other attractants that might draw wolves near homes and into neighborhoods. In addition, homeowners should take precautions to secure pets and livestock. Negligent and intentional feeding of wolves is prohibited by state regulation (5AAC 92.230).

Detailed info about coexisting with wolves, preventing habituation, and ststaying safe in wolf country.


Source of News: Alaska Department of Fish & Game

article by sitnews 


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