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Senators fail bid to remove federal protection from wolves

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Senators fail bid to remove federal protection from wolves
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Senate Bill 3919, which would have taken it to the floor and limited debate.

The gamble was that a single "no" vote could block the bill, and one was provided by Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Md.

Senate Bill 3919 basically said that no federal protections for wolves would be enforced.

not all Republicans support delisting. On Thursday, in anticipation of the rush to action, the Republicans for Environmental Protection issued a statement saying it was too soon to delist wolves or grizzly bears, which "face irrational animosity from officials in those (Rocky Mountain) states."

legistlatively delisting allows politics not science to determine the status of a species which undermines the esa

Two sources:  here and/or here

WHAP's previous thread on this bill & 3 others yet to come:  Don't Let Congress Kill Wolves

and the fifth anti-wolf bill covered by WHAP: as ridiculous as it sounds

edit:  Any legislation that does not pass this session of Congress (aka lame-duck session of Congress) dies before the next newly elected Congress begins.  The Constitution mandates that a new Congress convenes at noon on Jan 3 in each odd numbered year unless Congress passes a law in the previous session changing the date.  So, it is unlikely that the remaining 4 anti-wolf bills will pass this year.  However, 2011 will require participating, watchful and informed wolf-advocacy.


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