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Author: wildlifeman
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  Did anyone see the show about Blackwolf last night on the Nat Geo channel?  I really liked it; watching how they played in the snow and how he outsmarted the alpha wolf all the time. It did tug at my heart strings seeing the alpha female lying there covered in blood from trying to stop the other pack from taking over. All in all it was a very good show. I was wondering what anybody else thought of it. To me there just isnt enough shows on wolves.Frustrated 

Author: Auntie P.
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"Their only hope is to flee.  They wait for Grandmother, the matriarch but she too will not be coming.  The white female fought to guard her homeland and protect her family.  She is mortally wounded and stays in her territory until the end." 

I wished I could have seen this documentary about the beginning of beloved Wolf #302's life but I don't have the channel.  I do know this fabulous wolf, lovingly nicknamed, "Casanova." (also seen " In the Valley of the Wolves ")  To see a trailer of Nat. Geo's The Rise of Black Wolf, click here .  I'll be looking for a free download for sure.

I agree there aren't enough shows on wolves.  Man destroyed them before knowing them and now only do we see their difficult journey to survive let alone to recover.  Nakoowolf always said, "it isn't easy being a wolf."  Thank you for bringing this to our attention, wildlifeman.Clapping  It sounds riveting, please let us know if it airs again.


Author: wolfy
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Thank you Chris for the two linksLove

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