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Wayward Wolves

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Wayward Wolves
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Cursed as killers and slaughtered on sight, gray wolves were pushed to the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states and eradicated in the wild West by the middle of the 20th century.

But try as they might, the wolf haters couldn’t kill them all. And now, after its successful reintroduction to Wyoming, Idaho and Montana in the 1990s, Canis lupus is making a comeback that could carry it into Utah. Periodic wolf sightings have been reported here, and a study conducted in 2002 indicates the state could one day support a population of 700 wolves. But first, the animal must make it across no-wolves land, an artificial barrier that could deny the species a foothold in the state.Protest

There, wolves can be slaughtered for looking askance at a lamb or calf.

If these animals were the lead elements of an expansion of range into Utah, the migration was stopped in its tracks, to the chagrin of environmentalists and the delight of ranchers and many hunters.

find out why here

Wolves in Utah:

After years hidden in the wilderness of the news cycle, wolves are now back in the news these days. Two wolves have been shot following Utah's most serious outbreak of wolf sightings and livestock attacks in at least 80 years.

On July 23, a sheepherder in Rich County trapped and shot a female wolf. In the previous two weeks, the same wolf surfaced three times -- stalking a herd of sheep, killing a calf and then killing several sheep. Earlier this month, another sheepherder killed a male wolf after it attacked two sheep in Cache County near the Utah-Idaho border.

Wolf sightings have been reported in Utah for years, but these are the first documented attacks on livestock since 1930 when Utah ranchers exterminated them.

Since people re-introduced wolves to Yellowstone in the 1990s, experts on both sides of the wolf debate predicted they'd eventually expand their range to Utah. One side welcomes them; the other side detests them.

Sunday Edition is joined by men on each side of the debate: Leonard Blackham, the Utah commissioner of Agriculture and Food, and Kirk Robinson, executive director of the Western Wildlife Conservancy.

Can wolves and people coexist in Utah?

article:  scroll down to "Segment 2" of this page

Senate Bill 36 [1/20/10 article with video] calls for the ability of the state to shoot a wolf if it has been identified as causing a problem.

previously on WHAP, War on Wolves, click here  (Jan. 2010)


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