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Yellowstone Park Wolf Klled Near Butte

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Yellowstone Park Wolf Klled Near Butte
Author: Auntie P.
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No. 690F, the yearling black female believed to maybe being the sole survivor of the Druid Peak Pack was shot recently by a rancher...

"Wolf number 690 from Yellowstone National Park had seen her pack ravaged by disease and attacks by other wolf packs before she wandered south of Butte and started attacking cattle.

We had the last location with her in March, then she disappeared," said Erin Albers, a biologist with the Yellowstone wolf project. "We were searching for her, and we were just assuming that she had left the park. But we didn't expect her to go to Butte.

By March, No. 690 was the last from the pack wearing a collar, Albers said."


WHAP's last thread on this little beauty and the Druid Peak Pack

I am so sad to hear this news.  Sole survivor of her pack--the Druids, mange, 150 miles through one tough environment through another, is hard enough but for her life to end by a bullet...Crying

A terrible loss of a great and beautiful wolf.  RUN FREE LITTLE WOLFGIRL, RUN FREE NOW.Broken Heart


Author: Nakoowolf
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Chris, that is immensely sad.  She survived through mange and an attack on her pack only to find a bullet for just be hungry.  A lone Wolf has a tough time out there. CryingBroken Heart

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