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Pack of 10 wolves confirmed in Wallowa County, Oregon

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Pack of 10 wolves confirmed in Wallowa County, Oregon
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ODFW Photo & Video Gallery - Wildlife

Imnaha Wolf Pack

Nov. 19, 2009   

Here is a you tube video taken during a periodic monitoring exercise November 12 by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  You will be breathless.  The Alpha Female is former Idaho wolf B300F.  Seems like the Imnaha River was a natural migration corrider from Idaho to Oregon.  It appears there are 6 pups in the video.  The pack has been monitored since June 2008 when evidence of minimum of 3 adults & 3 pups made up the pack.  Ten wolves moving upslope.  A mixture of gray and black individuals.  Gorgeous.  Awesome.  I couldn't stop hitting replay.  They SO belong there.

ODFW will continue to monitor this pack and another pack in Wallowa Co. to count their pups during the month of Dec.

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I found the video in this article.  You have to scroll down past the article.  The you tube one is better.  From the article:

"The pack was first reported July 17 when the Alpha female, originally from Idaho and known as B300, was recollared. ODF&W also confirmed a US Fish and Wildlife report of at least three pups.

A pack of 10 wolves has been confirmed in Wallowa County. The pack, which was sighted and videoed by ODF&W biologist, Pat Matthews during a periodic monitoring exercise, ranges from Little Sheep Creek, across Big Sheep to Duck Lake and Fish Lake, south of the Imnaha.

The size of the pack astonished ranchers.Confused

Despite B300's good record, ranchers are gearing up for a worst-case scenario. They are continuing to lobby for changes to the Oregon Wolf Plan, Childers said. "We're still looking at changes to the Oregon Wolf Plan when it comes up for a five year review in 2010," he said. "We want the right to be able to kill a wolf that is stalking, harassing or attacking our livestock."


How can anyone's first thought be to kill them?  Crying

previously on WHAP (< first video of B300F)

grey wolf
Aerial footage of wolf B-300, taken January 23, 2008 in northeastern Oregon.
photo courtesty of ODFW


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You're right Chris, they do so belong there.  It's not an easy life though.    I just pray that Man doesn't make it any tougher on them.

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