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The Soakem Mountain, deep in the wilderness watches a fierce green fire dying in her eyes

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The Soakem Mountain, deep in the wilderness watches a fierce green fire dying in her eyes
Author: Canis-dirus
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I sincerely hope that, People like Dan Pettit,  have their conscience back fires at them. And it will!! If its not in life, it will in death.
That is where the true pain flow from. I can think of no better punishment than that, and its is a punishment which comes from yourself and within...
No escaping your own mind/soul/conscience if it comes to realising that you've lived your live going against what really is in your heart. Doing nothing but harm and destruction. Realizing that you have missed valuable lessons and experiences in life which really make you feel good and grow in heart and soul.
They will realize that they have lived their lifes doing nothing but harm.
Realizing this (next to not being able to truly forgive yourself) can be to much to deal with. Especially for people who have been ignoring their they self and what is within their heart/soul.

People like Dan Pettit do NOT life by their heart, i can see that clearly...
And its obvious!!
 They life purely by Ego and ego-gratification, not more. They think they 'know' the truth about life, but in reality : they are fooling them selves.
At the end, living their live like that, their conscience will back fire 10-fold and there is absolutely no escaping it, no matter where you go. There is no escaping from something that comes from own soul showing your own lifes mistakes... There is no Satan, only the one we create within ourself. He is as powerfull as you make him as long as you ignore the truth and the truth of what is really within you. People in that way individually create their on Hell, weather they are passed on or not.

We care about wolves. I for that matter care for wolves, and i care about them more than for humans in moments like this. Why??
It is in these moment where the destructive, and deliberatly ignorant habbits come to front. Humans are pretty Blind, ignorant (and kept ignorant and blind for dubious reasons) and arrogant as a species. Destroying its own habitat only because their own society demands for growth and wealth Wealth which truly has no value what-so-ever. Wealth that only has value because Schools, society tell use that it has value. That is the illusion. What is of value is within us. All of us.
We've just forgotten it, which is a shame. Because we humans can be so much much more than this!!! More than behaving like a plague, a disease on this planet.

Humans are like parasites. Mother Earth does not deserve to be treaten like this, like she's something to be use and thrown away.


-- He's your friend, your partner, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be faithful and true to the last beat of his heart...
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.--

Author: wolfdog
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Nakoowolf Says:

Well, Chris, reading that and looking at the picture just about broke my heart in two. Broken Heart  There really is no reason, he said so himself, yet it takes this beautiful Wolf's life, a member of a family, so he could have a "rug".  Puke  No words can describe what I'm feeling now.Broken Heart  Too bad for him that he had to haul the lifeless body of this gorgeous Wolf all the way down the mountain.  How inconvenient for him. Mad  She was soaking up the morning sun, just like you've seen our Wolves do in front of the webcam. CryingBroken Heart

Maria, the killer didn't haul the wolf's body down the mountain, he skinned it and only packed out the pelt. Puke  He also said he knew zero about wolves but learned more about them in the past week than in his lifetime. Frustrated What in the world did he learn?  Scared

"If the wolf is to survive, the wolf haters must be outnumbered. They must be outshouted, outfinanced, and out voted. Their narrow and biased attitude must be outweighed by an attitude based on an understanding of natural processes."
~L. David Mech

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