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Idaho Hunter Bad-Mouthed After Wolf Kill

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Idaho Hunter Bad-Mouthed After Wolf Kill
Author: wolf howler

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Date Joined: 9/3/2009
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Could you even find Idaho on map?? Don't pipe off to me about something that you know nothing about, just what you've read in your books and seen on your DVD's..that your wolf loving cronies produced. I'd like to you see how you'd feel, when you come across a perfectly healthy cow elk, that is a few months away from giving birth to a probably perfectly health calf, only to be run down by a pack, held down and had her fetus rip from uterus...then left to rot. But she isn't even dead yet, just slowing slowing dying, and you have nothing to do but put her out of her mind. Where are all you wolf uppies then?? Behind your computers or tv's saying how much your heart breaks for this perfect souls. You people make me puke.

Author: keztrel
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well i,m glad i make you do something...i even understand how you feel..and yes its terrible that it happens ...but i,m sure if you bothered to actually fence your livestock in and take care of them then your loss would be reduced...its been proven..research it...just as i,m sure a red blooded person like yourself eats meat then you must understand that a wolf or any predatory animal will kill and eat as it must. i think its called the circle of life...oh wait you are in it too...and behind the computer or watching it on tv makes no difference to being there...its your opinion and it only means something to you...just as ours means it to us...



Author: Auntie P.
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Date Joined: 7/15/2006
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Edited On by Nakoowolf

The bucks were on private land.  The ewes of this ranch btw graze on public land.  Owners have the right to shoot and kill a wolf depredating on private property, you puny numbskull.  Where are they for 3 days and in some places 3 months while their livestock is giving birth?  It is total bs that they care.  If they aren't there, who even knows where the livestock wanders?  Bald eagles make off with more baby lambs than wolves do.  Oh yeah, waiting for someone else to do it for them, pumping up neurotic imbisiles like you, collecting federal subsidies = my tax dollars, state dollars, Defenders of Wildlife dollars...  Just a few days ago, another one for weather.



Author: Bill Smith

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Date Joined: 2/3/2009
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There seems to be a lot of hate on this site recently.

Let's get back to the topic.

Why should the hunter that shot the first wolf be harrassed and bad mouthed. I agree he was a fool to publicize the killing, he should have known what he was in for. What I don't understand is the hatred and wanting the worst for this person just because he exercised his right to hunt an animal that is now legal to hunt. He did nothing legally wrong. Morally - maybe but that is different in everyones own mind. But I see everyone on this site wanting the worst for these people. It appears to me that as long as wolves are involved anything goes in your eyes and as long as wolves are safe the end justifies the means.


Bill Smith
Author: Nakoowolf
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Date Joined: 5/21/2004
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Well, Bill Smith, you stated some of the reasons why he should be harassed yourself.  I personally wouldn't waste my time on harassing him as it doesn't bring the Wolf back.   What I object to is him using a coyote call and then being so proud of himself that he went public. This is a pro-Wolf website so that is why you hear the hate right now.  Just because something is legal doesn't make it right.  I firmly believe that Wolves do not need "managment" or "control" and especially from those that HATE them.  What I don't understand is, I don't go to Anti-Wolf websites because it's like talking to a WALL so why would they think it's okay to come here and spout off anti-Wolf sentiments?  There are been some pretty hateful things being said from both sides.  If you are coming just to flame, then please just go away.  If you want to discuss civilly and politely without being cynical, then do just that.

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