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Puppies for beginners

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Puppies for beginners
Author: Timber Wolf Jane
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I'm looking to get my first dog since I'm now in my own place.  Can anyone recommend a breed that is good for a novice.  We had outdoor dogs growing up but none inside our house.  I'm living in an apartment but there is plenty of open areas for walking and running with a doggie.  I love huskies but everyone tells me they wouldn't be a good fit for an apartment.Sad

Author: Nakoowolf
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Wow, that's a tough question, lol.  I don't know that there are any easy puppies.  Huskies are stubborn and do need to have plenty of exercise especially when they are young.  Whatever breed you decide, you should plan on crate training or you will come home to a torn up apartment.  Also, a pup can't be in a crate for long periods of time without having to void, so you will have to plan a trip home at least once during the day.  I suggest doing lots of research on breeds and puppies in general before you take the plunge.  Puppies are adorable but they are a lot of work, too.  You can always look into rescuing or adopting a dog from a local shelter.  Keep us posted.Dancing

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