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Oregon House Bill 4106

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Oregon House Bill 4106
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Oregon lawmakers will be considering a bill on February 5, 2018 that would provide in concept more compensation for wolf-livestock depredation.  The compensation would be based on the number of wolves in the particular area of the state.  The bill would require that Oregon Fish & Wildlife file a report every two years on wolf population changes.  Legislators would then allocate money from the general fund to the USDA's depredation compensation fund that reflects the population change.  The idea is that the compensation given to ranchers would directly correlate with the number of wolves living in the state.

FYI, a compensation fund created in 2011 by legislators issued $395,000 for 112 wolves. ScaredConfused  Those funds are also suppose to help ranchers with non-lethal wolf control like range riders and fladry fencing. 

I would be curious to see how much of those funds were used for non-lethal payouts and depredation payouts before I allotted anymore funds. Watching from the sidelines


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