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Should YNP fine & reprimand wolf biologist?

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Should YNP fine & reprimand wolf biologist?
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Yellowstone National Park should fine and reprimand wolf biologist Doug Smith for harassing a grizzly from a plane in order to get a photograph. In addition, Smith demonized grizzlies by making an absurd comment about the grizzly bear having "him in mind for his next meal."

Smith spotted the bear while looking for wolves in Hayden Valley. It's easy for Smith to find wolves because at least one wolf in each pack is radio-collared. Smith found a pack of wolves fifty yards away from a buffalo carcass. A grizzly bear had claimed the carcass.

That should have been the end of the story. Smith and the pilot of the plane should have just flown away. Instead, the pilot "circled around so he [Smith] could get a get a better snapshot of the grizzly."


Here's an article with the photo I found from a headline appearing on my home page:

click here to see 

The op ed believes Doug Smith & his pilot broke the law?  What do you think?

btw, see here what it looks like and how low Doug flies to dart a wolf from our WHAP archives.


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