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Husky at first dog?

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Husky at first dog?
Author: Wolfox
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Hi! I didn't find better place to ask this... But i have been dreamed from my own dog, and i have asked about them from family and friends..

I want Husky or alaskan malamute at my first dog, but are they too troublesome to me, because it would be are my first dog?

~Sincerely, Wolfox~ Big Smile

~ Lynx, who is in love with lovely wolf~ <3
Author: Nakoowolf
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I think if you did your research on the breeds and were very careful on selecting a dog that fit your lifestyle you could make it work for you.  Where there is a strong will there is a way.Thumbs Up

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Author: Wolfer Magic
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Huskies are very high energy dogs that bore easily, meaning they will make their own entertainment (shredding furniture and trash), if you don't provide it.

Getting a puppy? Prepare to take up jogging or biking because they are not happy unless they are running. They don't care too much for playing fetch, so don't think an hour at the dog park will do it.

Unlike Labs, who mellow at 2 years old, it can take huskies 5-7 years or more to "sort of mellow". And no matter how well trained, they will try to dominate you during adolesence, which is usually when people dump them at shelters.

They are smart, thinking dogs, so if they don't see a reason to obey, they won't. They are also picky eaters, so you have to be creative in training them because they are not always treat motivated.

They are often aloof like cats, and they will love your attention and walk away, which I call the dog equivalent of "giving you the finger".

And they will certainly give you the finger if they find something more interesting than you, which is why an off-leash husky is usually a lost husky. They can chase a deer for 10 miles, turn around and look for you, and expect you to have followed them.

And it's BS if anyone tells you dogs are not spiteful. I have an awesome husky (she gets lots of exercise and is good because... a good husky is dog tired). Anyway, every Sunday we get Chicken Holiday and it's a big deal for her to get the leftover chicken. One Sunday I asked my teen daughter (last to eat) to give Aims her treat when she was done.

Being a teenager, Carrie fiddled around texting friends for 20 minutes while Aims howled at her. Now, I don't know if Aims knew my daughter's name or that the last person to eat gives her the chicken... but Aims ran to my daughter's room and peed on her bed (my other daughter witnessed it), then went back to bark (in a demanding tone) at her. When Carrie finally got up, Aims didn't go to the kitchen, she led Carrie to her bed and showed her the handy work, tail wagging and barking. Click here for the look on Aims' face.

So... if you don't mind exercise, or mind being a dog's pet, and the tons of hair dust bunnies each spring and fall, you may make it. Just remember they need direction and purpose or they will make you very unhappy.

What makes me sad is that so many huskies end up in shelters because they have behavior problems that could have been prevented by an educated owner.  If you think "no kill" shelters mean they don't kill dogs, not true. It means they don't kill "adoptable" dogs. And these problem dogs are considered unadoptable.

What's to love about huskies? If you are very active everyday, they are awesome trail partners. They adapt easily, so they travel well (as long as they get exercise.) I personally never had a husky that annoyed neighbors with barking (because I wore them out). And they love to follow me around the house and nap near me (again because I wore them out). They also don't bug me for attention all the time, which always annoyed me with other dogs. We are a pack, but we are all still individuals and happy.

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