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Grizzly kept from crossing the road

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Grizzly kept from crossing the road
Author: Auntie P.
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I saw this story on world news abc tv. It is about a man mauled to death by a Grizzly while hiking through Yellowstone but is not the point of my post.  My sincere condolences to the family for their loss. 

I wanted to bring the video to attention.  In the beginning, the reporter points out separately "a vivid example" of the dangerous mingling between humans and animals.  I was shocked to see all the people with cameras surrounding and blocking a bear who is just trying to cross the road.Mad IMO, that is harassment.  Whether this is a love of bears or love of photos, we must be careful not to love animals to death or harm.

full story here 

Park officials have said they will kill the bear that mauled Wallace if they can confirm its role through DNA analysis. Another bear captured last week also was released after being radio collared.

There were no eyewitnesses to the attack on Wallace, and a DNA match alone won't be conclusive in determining whether a bear was responsible for the attack or happened upon the body afterward, park spokesman Al Nash said last week. That means additional evidence would be needed to make that conclusion, which may be difficult.

"The Hayden Valley is an area that is typically known for a significant amount of bear activity, so we may never capture and positively identify the bear or a bear that was involved in this incident," Nash said of the section of the park.



Author: Nakoowolf
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Chris, thank you for pointing this out.  You must love nature from a distance.  All wild animals have a flight or fight distance but each one is slightly different.  Those people were not giving a wild animal the proper space it needs to feel safe. Thumbs Down  I went to Yellowstone years ago and that's how they were with the black bears, too. Sad

I too send my sincere sympathy to the family.  I'm so glad he felt like he was in "heaven" before he died.  A true nature lover and I'm so sorry that this happened to him.Broken Heart


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