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NM: Ranches With Wolves

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NM: Ranches With Wolves
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At first, Dobson just wanted the wolves gone. But he reluctantly agreed to accompany Arizona biologist Chris Bagnoli to a workshop led by wolf-management experts in Montana, where ranchers and wolf defenders had begun working together. What Dobson learned there surprised him: Killing wolves that attack livestock doesn't solve the problem. That's because the offending animals have often passed along their knowledge. "You have to reduce the opportunities for wolves and livestock to interact," Bagnoli explains. "That's the only way to change pups' behavior, since pups learn from adults."

In 2007, Dobson and his wife began herding their livestock daily, and he installed electric fencing to keep wolves out. Although the wolf recovery program helped him with the details, the money came from two conservation groups:  Defenders of Wildlife and the Mexican Wolf Fund. "Other cattle guys told me I was taking money from the devil," says Dobson. "But you know what? It is really working." With the new strategy, Dobson hasn't had a single sheep kill, and only one calf has been taken. Bagnoli hopes that federal authorities will take note and improve programs to help ranchers give the humane methods a try.


The is more of a sociology lesson in this article imo than a wolf management one but one thing for sure is that they both need to change.


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