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Spain: Something is wrong with this Wolf Management Plan

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Spain: Something is wrong with this Wolf Management Plan
Author: Auntie P.
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"I do not want and I can not hide my admiration for the canine's most formidable Spanish fauna that despite centuries of persecution that mankind perpetrated against him, manages to maintain its precarious population in some areas of the Iberian sun.  No doubt that is a fundamental pillar in the correct balance of animal pyramid,Thumbs Up and without their presence, the populations of wild boar, deer, roe deer, foxes and weasels are triggered to the extent that, inter alia, to destroy the environment, put and broods have endangered the capercaillie, the mythical bird of forests Asturias.

Something is wrong in this Plan of Management-Extermination where since 2007 have been applied for wolf control, year after year increases the number of copies to abate and the damage continues to increase almost in geometric progression. It is wrong to do effective monitoring of kinship in Asturias (according to some studies, since 2003 do not exceed thirty) and that each of these groups are not eliminated more copies than necessary.  We all know that when you drastically reduce a family group of individuals who survive, unable to make the hunt as a team, they feed on easy prey: cows, calves, horses, goats and sheep.Idea

It is known that less than a hundred farmers monopolize half or more of the damage occurring in the region.  According to conservation groups Asturias, less than 10% of damaged farming wolf (which means that 90% do not), and those with damage, 25% (ie, a minimum ratio among all holdings) accumulate the vast majority of cases and in cattle.  Around two dozen are between 10 and 30 damage per year, several cases between 40 and 50 and one with special merit that claimed more than 60 throughout the year.
Professional Farmers rarely have conflicts with wolves because they accompany the cattle, sheep dogsClapping and have to act with ultrasound equipment and fences.  But, as I said at the beginning, we are at election timeFrustrated, the mayors use demagoguery to require more checks Administration.  Mayors, ranchers and hunters are those that mark the times the Annual Plan 'Performances'. The Ministry of the Environment must stop this madness."
Where is Asturias? here
Wolf management changes little between states, countries and continents.  Isn't it bizarre, like Nakoowolf says, it is unbelievable that any species should cause people to act so irrationally.Confused


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