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Do some wolf howlings

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Do some wolf howlings
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We also wanted to incorporate the cultural aspects of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. We have elders come up, tell traditional stories, traditional songs.

Beazley says the tour emphasizes the sacred connections that Apaches see among the human soul, the land and all living things - with special reverence for the endangered Mexican gray wolf.

She says proceeds from the wilderness journeys benefit the tribe's wolf-management program, which helps to ease conflicts between the wolves and tribal cattle ranchers, paying for things such as fencing, habitat protection and occasional livestock losses.

"The tribal lands are situated right between the current Blue Range wolf-recovery area - where wolves live in Arizona and New Mexico - and the future of wolf recovery, which is through the Grand Canyon eco-region."

more info and details here

"wolf" in White Mountain Apache language is "ba'cho"


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