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The Wolf I Remember

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The Wolf I Remember
Author: Auntie P.
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"There she was — the wildest thing I ever saw, loping back and forth between us and her pups, her tongue hanging out a full six inches, her eyes glowing as though a candle shone behind each dark pupil. The pups, out of sight, huddled under branches and rocks in the pen’s far corner. We placed food, including a bison leg and hindquarter, inside the pen while Murphy Brown and I played long-distance stare down..." continue here

Talk about an omen.  History articles of the Yellowstone wolves are following the news of the Congressional action to legislatively remove the NRM wolves from the endangered species list.  Ironic when you think that the government wiped out wolves in the first place, brought them back and are now handing them over to be hunted again.  Politically not scientifically.

Here is a little more history about Wolf Number 9 later on when she was dethroned by her daughter.  click here

I was going to make a separate post, however, for wolves I remember; here is the story of Wolf #9's mate, "Killing of Wolf #10" click here


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