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"not just another wolf--a wolf who truly has secrets"

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"not just another wolf--a wolf who truly has secrets"
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For over thirty years, Douglas Smith has been studying wolves, and has worked on the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone since it’s inception. But this year during his annual winter research, he was taken aback by the sight of a remarkable wolf his team captured for study, 760M, now the largest wolf ever recorded in Yellowstone.

Smith points out that 760M lives in the most remote area of the Yellowstone and of the lower 48 states. “I just started thinking in my head as I looked at him that this is the kind of wolf that remoteness produces.” At 147 pounds, 760M replaces the previous record holder for the largest wolf in Yellowstone, 495M, who weighed in at 143 pounds. But as Smith observes, 495 is still a pretty remarkable wolf. “495M is a pro. He’s doing great. We think he’ll turn 7/8 in April, so he’s past his prime, but he’s still hunting bison. And that is what is interesting about wolves, there is no such thing as a generic wolf.” Idea

Smith also commented about the blame wolves receive for reducing elk populations. “It’s incredibly painful dealing with people who don’t like wolves and say they have devastated the elk herd. And it’s difficult to talk to people who just want Yellowstone to be an elk farm. Yes, with carnivores you have fewer animals to hunt. But this is the way it was in Yellowstone before we interfered. When we start killing predators because we want more animals to hunt, it becomes agriculture. Is that what we want the forests and the landscapes of the west to be, a big farming operation? I don’t want the world to be so highly manipulated that we have no place where wild nature can just be.” Clapping

The full interview with Douglas Smith will be published in National Parks Traveler on April 7.


I noticed in the closeup photo, the wolf's claws look broken off.  Is that commonWatching from the sidelines?  See Photo: Yellowstone Wolf Project; 'Yellowstone Wolf 778M being captured during this year's research'


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Good for Doug Smith telling it like it is! Clapping

Chris, they can break just like our nails or a dogs, same stuff!  They live a hard life out there and they say this guy is still hunting Elk. Watching from the sidelines

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